Liulichang Culture Street

Liulichang is out of the Hepingmen gate, it is a very famous culture street in Beijing, started from Qing Dynasty, many people who came to Beijing for the imperial examinations stayed here, so more and more book stores, and shops to sell wrting brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones. Some of them are very famous, like Rongbaozhai and Jiguge.  Calligraphy works, aintings, woodblock prints and handicrafts are also available. If you are tired, just select a tea house for a break, not only for a cup of Chinese tea, but also a place to see varies of Chinese tea pot, jade or earthen, big or tiny, every tea house here could be a small teapot museum.
Walk a little further, you will see the typical courtyards Siheyuan, small street Hutongs, groceries stores, along the Hutong, peddlers hawk some smoked meat, snacks and preserved vegetables. You will learn more about the local life.
Liuli means glazed tile, chang means fatory, in Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, people made glazed tiles here to build the palaces, so got its name Liulichang. Even in 32nd year of Ming JiaJing Dynasty, the imperial city was enlarged, and the glazed tile factory had been moved to the western outskirt, the name of this street has been passed down up to now.

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Liulichang Culture Street

Editor's Note:  Liulichang Culture Street is just in the city center, it is not difficult for you to get to there, and visit by yourselves when you travelling in Beijing, no entry fee.        ----China Travel Shanghai (Please e-mail to tansy@chinatravelshanghai for more info) 

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