Sera Monastery

The full name of Sera Monastery is “salad Mahayana temple”, one of six big host temples of Tibetan Buddhism Gelug sect. It is one of the Lhasa three big temples with Zhaibung Monastery and Gandan Monastery. But it is the latest one to complete.
Sera Monastery is located at Lhasa northern suburbs, 3 kilometer far from city. It was first built in 1419, and finished in 1434 in Ming dynasty. 
A Sera Monastery temple origin has two views: A saying this temple in lays a foundation constructing present fierce hail, the hail Tibetan pronunciation is “the salad”, after therefore this temple completed names is “Sera Monastery”, Italy was “the hail temple”; A saying this temple constructing the place which is in full bloom in a piece of multiflora rose flower, therefore names “Sera Monastery”, the multiflora rose Tibetan pronunciation also is “the salad”. The temple full title is “the salad Mahayana temple”.

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