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Shanghai is the most prosperous city in mainland China, there are two main ports for luxury global cruise ships, one is Gaoyang Road Port which is located on the north of the Bund, one is Waigaoqiao Port in Pudong.
Gaoyang Road Port is just in the city, and 97 km away from Suzhou. Cruise ships Amsterdam, Volendan, Nautica, Legend of the Seas, Ocean Pincess …all dock here.
Waigaoqiao Port is 55 km away from the city center, and 125 km far from Suzhou. Only Diamond Princess docks at here so far.
Usually, passengers are permitted to disembark from cruise ships at 8am, and you will see our guides once you have passed through customs.
The main tourist sites in Shanghai are Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Nanjing Road, the Bund, TV Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.  Zhouzhuang, Suzhou and Hangzhou are......[ More ]
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Shanghai 1933 Old Cultural Creative Industrial Clusters

It is located at Hongkou district, was the biggest abattoir in east Asia, after the complete renovation in 1933, it became a landmark building complex in Shanghai, and Shanghai 1933 became the name of this place, from Abattoir to Arts and Creative Hub, Shanghai 1933 is a legendary place.
In 1893 (Guangxu 19th of Qing Dynasty), Shanghai Municipal Council built the public abattoir at No 10 Shajing road at Hongkou.
Aug 1919, English built their abattoir not far from their concession to kill cattle.
In 1937, this place was occupied by Janpanese.
In 1945, Chinese got victory in the war, and took over it.The buildings at Shanghai 1933 area were created by architects from America, Holland, Germany, England, China Hongkong and Macao. The main building is surrounded by city moat, square outside and round inside. 

Shanghai day tour, Shanghai trip, Shanghai 1933 Old Cultural Creative Industrial Clusters,1933 Old Cultural Creative
The main attractions in the building are suspended stage, umbrella-type pillars, gallerybridge, center circle from the first floor to the third floor, lattice window, ox way, winding stair.
The suspended stage is on the forth floor, has 1500 square meters,  i had provided space for commercial activities, like Ferrari F1 Party, Rado 50th anniversaries ceremony, Paris Artistic designing exhibition, My blueberry night's Asian premiere party, New Mercedes-Benz's news conference, Porsche 60th anniversaries ceremony...
The main building is girderless floor construction, so it is supported by more than 300 huge umbrella-type pillars, it is one of a typical characters of this building.
Gallerybridge is another typical character of the building, rotative gallerybridges constructed variegated spaces, it is a favourite place for many photographers.
Center circle from the first floor to the third floor are connected by French-style winding stair, as an active region, general public can get to the art distance zero here.
Lattice windows are on the west, north and south walls of the building.
Ox way is rough and antiskid, which was designed for livestock.
Winding stairs are used to connect the first floor to the third floor, the big circular measure is the character of the winding stairs.
Around the main buidling, there are many restaurants, coffee bars, shops now, you can even hire your own mini office here.
  Shanghai 1933 Old Cultural Creative Industrial Clusters  


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Shanghai 1933 Old Cultural Creative Industrial Clusters  

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