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Temple of the City God 

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Temple of the City God - Pingyao Ancient City

The Temple of the City God was first built in the Ming dynasty. In 1859, the temple was destoried on fire. In 1864, the local government rebuilt it under the support of rich families.
The temple of city God has the Qing dynasty style. The total area is 7,300
square meters with 4 courtyards. They are Temple of The City God, Caishen Temple,  Zaojun Temple and Zhenwu Tower.
Temple of the City God includes many constructions,such as Hall of the City God, Theatre Hall, and Sleep Hall. Hall of the City God is the court of law of the city god, thus the atmosphere in the hall is serious and gloomy. The city god is sitting upright in the shrine with the judges and ghosts standing to the side. Sleep Hall is the place where the city god lives with family dependants. The room downstairs is the site where the city god deals with special legal cases and receives guests, while the room upstairs is the city god's bedroom.

Caishen Temple has three main figures in the shrine to be worshipped. The sculptures in the shrine are delicately carved and symbolize delight and auspiciousness. The painting on the wall vividly depicts the great occasion of minority's coming a long way to present tribute to emperor. Besides Caishen Temple, there are also Zhenwu Pavilion and the Theatre Hall of Caishen.
Zaojun Temple is place where the Cooking god to be worshiped. Legend says that the cooking god is dispatched to supervise people's acts indoors and report the fruit of his work to the highest god every twelfth month of the lunar year. In order to avoid bad deeds being reported, people prepare a kind of delicious dessert for the cooking god named 'Tanggua'. In the temple, when spring comes, the 100-year-old clove trees bloom and give off perfume, adding vitality to the temple.
The temple is deeply rooted in the religious culture and well reflected in the folk customs. It is a special site that tourists should never miss when visiting Shanxi

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