The Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple)

The Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple) is situated in the eastern part of the Western Hills, outside the north gate of Xiangshan Park.
This temple was initially built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and enlarged during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it became a landscape style temple, with many Ming Dynasty style buildings.
Outside the moutain gate of the temple, there are two living stone lions, these two lions are different from others, they are classic Ming stone carvings, lean and lanky. Face to the gate, you will first see two halls inside, a five meter high Buddhist in each hall, these two buddhists are guardians in Chinese legend. Together with drum tower and bell tower, they compose the first entry courtyard. The mainhall of this courtyard is a Maitreya Hall.
The most important buddhists were enshrined in the third courtyard, Kuan-Yin is in the middle, and two Buddhas stand on each side, all these five buddhists are colour painting clay sculptures.
The pagoda complex is located in the last courtyard, white marble memorial stone archways are at the south of the courtyard, the archways were carved delicately. The buddha's warrior attendant's throne pagoda has 347 meters high, it is now the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall after renovated In 1954.
Another attraction in the Temple of the Azure Clouds is the Five Hundred Arhats Hall, located on the west side of the Temple, including four heavenly kings, three powerful Buddhas and ji Gong, there are 512 buddha statues in total, all the Arhats are vivid, life-size statues with different poses and expressions.

The Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple),Beijing Tour. Bi yun Temple tour,
The Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Temple)

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