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Datong Tour to Yungang Grottoes
Loction: 16 km west of Datong City,History: it was built 1500 years ago in north wei dynasty
The Yungang Grottoes is one of four famous grottoes in China. The others are Dunhuang Grottoes, Maijianshan Grottoes and Longmen grottoes. These are the four major treasure troves of Buddhist art in China.Yungang Grottoes were built against the mountain and extend about 1 km from east to west. Yungang Grottoes is one of best preserved grottoes in China. There are 45 grottoe caves with more than 51,000 statues. The biggest one is 17-meters high and the smallest one is only 2 centimeters high.
The Yungang Grottoes are divided into three zones: east(grottoes1 to 4),middle (grottoes 5 to 13) and west(grottoes 14 to 21). In December 2001 it joined the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO.
Datong tour to Hanging Temple
Hanging Monastery located in a canyon at the foot of the Heng mount. It is known as mid-air temple in China. It was built in the later period of the northern Wei Dynasty. This is a rare architecture hanging in air. The wooden structure halls, houses, buildings and pavilions are scattered around in different secluded spots or on step cliffs between 26 and 50 meters from the bottom up.Hanging Monastery is only one with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucius style temple which is called the "Three Religions' Palace".
Datong tour to Shanhua Temple
Location: inside the south gate of Datong City, History: Temple was originally founded during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907),Shanhua Temple was founded during the Tang Dynasty. It was destroyed in the Liao Dynasty and rebuilt During the Jin Dynasty. The temple sits north and faces to south with an area of 14,000 square metres. The whole temple divides into three parts: the Gate, the Hall of the Three Saints and the Da Xiong Bao Dian. The temple is best preserved Liao and Jin Dynasty temple in China.
Datong tour to Nine-Dragon Screen
The screen wall in China has long history to build. The screen wall is used for keeping out evil spirits and keeping the good things in. But now it is used for decoration.There are three famous walls in China. Datong screen is the biggest. Beihai Park one is the two sides screen and the last one is in Palace Museum. The Datong Nine Dragon Screen is presently the oldest and largest glazed screen in China today. The screen, built for the thirteenth son of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty in 1392.It is made up of 426 specially-fired glazed bricks, with a height of 8 meters, 2.02 meters thick and 45.5 meters long.
Datong tour to Wooden Pagoda
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda was first built in 1056, Liao dynasty. It is the oldest and tallest wooden pagoda in the world. This pagoda is located in Fogong temple in Shuozhou city. It is 67.31 meters high with 4 metres platform. The pagoda is an wooden structure that does not have a single nail. It is a wonder in architecture history.
Datong tour to Mt. Hengshan
Heng Shan mount is one of the five Sacred Mountains. Heng Shan mount is boasting 108 peaks and spanning 150 kilometres. It has an average elevation of 2,017 meters.
Datong tour to Huayan Temple
Hua Yan Temple lies in the southwest corner of Datong City. It has two parts: he lower temple which was built in 1038 and the upper temple which was built in 1140 after fire.
The upper one houses five large Ming Dynasty Buddhas. The main hall of the upper monastery is the Hall of Sakyamuni. There are five Buddha statues, named Five Buddhas. The middle three ones are made of wooden, and the two ones beside are made of clay.
And the lower section contains a library of some 18,000 volumes of Buddhist writings. There are 31 Liao Dynasty statues inside. The two most classic statues are smile Bodhisttavas and Puxian Buddha with lively looks.
Datong tour to Datong Volcano
The Datong volcanoe is located at three kilometers northeast of Datong City. It is the only area in North China where volcanoes are concentrated.There are 30 volcanoes which are grouped toghter.The area is about 60 square kilometres.Heishan,Jinshan,Langwoshan and Gelaoshan are famouses ones.The volcanoes looks like a hoof.The craters are dustpan-shaped.
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