Guilin Tour.
Guilin Tour
- 1-Day Guilin City Tour (Basic)
- 1-Day Li River Cruise and Yangshuo Tour
- 1-Day Longsheng Terraced Fields and Minority Tribes Villages Tour
- 1-Day Guilin City Tour including Evening Boat Tour
- 1-Day Guilin Tour of Longji Terraced Fields and South pearl Museum Tour
- 1-Day Yangshuo Tour
- 2-Day Guilin and Yangshuo Tour Including Hotel
- 4-Day Guilin and Yangshuo Tour Including Hotel
- 5-Day Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng Tour Including Hotel
- 7-Day Guilin, Sanjiang, Longsheng, Yangshuo Tour
- 8-Day In-depth Tour in Guilin
  China Tour From 
- 2-Day Tour to Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo from Beijing
- 3-Day Tour to Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo from Beijing
- 7-Day Beijing, Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Hong Kong
- 10-Day Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Hong Kong Tour
- 12-Day Beijing to Xian, Guilin and Shanghai Tour
- 16-Day China Tour -Beijing to Guilin, Xian, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai
- 20-Day China Tour - Beijing to Urumchi,Silkroad,Xian,Guilin and Shanghai Tour
  China Tour From
- 4-Day Tour of Hangzhou and Guilin from Shanghai
- 4-Day Guilin Li River  Yangshuo Longsheng Tour from Shanghai 
- 8-Day Guilin and Guiyang Tour from Shanghai (China minorities explore)
- 10-Day China Tour - Shanghai, Guilin and Beijing
- 11-Day Shanghai to Guilin, Xian and Beijing Tour
- 12-Day Shanghai to Huangshan, Hangzhou, Guilin and Beijing Tour
- 14-Day China Tours - Shanghai to Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin and Hong Kong Tour
- 16-Day Shanghai to Yangtze River, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin, Beijing Tour
- 17-Day Shanghai to Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Xian, Guilin Tour
- 20-Day China Tours - Shanghai to Urumchi,Silkroad,Xian,Guilin and Beijing Tour
Guilin 5-star Hotel
Guilin 5-star Hotel
- Sheraton Hotel Guilin
- Shangri-la Hotel Guilin
Guilin 4-star Hotel
- Ronghu Lake Hotel Guilin
Guilin 3-star Hotel
- Jindi Hotel Guilin 

Yangshuo 5-star Hotel
- Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo
Yangshuo 4-star Hotel
- Yangshuo Resort Hotel
- Yangshuo Gui Fu Hotel
- Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel
- Sovereign Hotel Yangshuo
Yangshuo 3-star Hotel
- Yangshuo Ai Yuan Hotel
- Yangshuo Snow Lion Riverside Resort

Guilin Tourist Site - Guilin Tour

Guilin mountains and rivers are the best in the world, Guilin's beauty is multifaceted, and some are difficult to describe with language: Lijiang's delicate features and refined, leisurely of Yangshuo, Longsheng beauty of the million species customs, Jingjiang Mausoleum and Ling Qu glorious mystery, Xiangshan wonders of good fortune.

Guilin tour to Elephant Trunk Hill
The trunk mountain is famous for it's shape looking like a elephant drinking at the edge of the Lijiang river.It is 220 meters high above the sea level and 55 meters above the Lijing river. It is formed by the limestone from the seabed,which is over 360 million years.......
Guilin tour to Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave is situated in the northwestern suburb of Gulin.5 kms to city center. It is a Scenic Area for appreciating the cave and the beautiful Pastoral scenery. The cave gets its name from a kind of reed growing near the entrance to the cave makes fine flutes. It is 800 meters long and takes you about fifty minutes for exploring. The cave is Top AAAA Scenic Spot and opened to public in 1962, ......
Guilin tour to Die Cai Mountain £®Folded Brocade Hill£©
Die Cai Mountain is located in the northeast of Guilin, bordering Lijiang River°£Die Cai mountain, Duxiu Peak and the Fubo mountain near the Lijiang river are the three main attractions in the city. Diecai Mountain covers an area of about 2 square kilometers,........
Guilin tour to Wave Subduing Hill (Fubo hill)
Fubo Hill is located to the West Bank of Lijiang.It is 213 meters above the sea level, 62 meters above the ground, 120 meters long and 60 meters wide, the mountain area of about 0.7 hectares.The name Fobo come from the temple on the top of the mountain which was built in the Tang Dynasty for general Fubo. ......
Guilin tour to Jingjiang Prince Mansion
Jingjiang palace is located in the city center of Gulin, it is the gift from the first Ming emperor Zhuyuanzhang to his nephew's son Zhushouqian.It is the best preserved seigneur palace in China and the national important cultural relics protection units. Ming emperor Zhuyuanzhang made here a......
Guilin tour to Seven Star Park
Seven Star Park is located in the east coast of Lijiang River, 1.5 km away from the downtown area of 137.4 hectares, it is named by the seven Star mountains.It is the largest cave-centered omprehensive park of Guilin . The seven mountain stand side by side like the dipper. Seven Star Park, ......
Guilin tour to Show of Cormorant Catching Fish
Show of Cormorant catching fish, A bamboo raft, two cormorants, with long Artemisia driving on the river, under the beautiful red sunsets, fisherman coming back with many fishes on the bamboo raft. Time of the show: 7.30 pm every day. Cormorants .......
guilin tour to Lijiang River
Lijiang River Scenic Area is the world's largest and most beautiful karst landscape.Thousands of years,in which so many people intoxicated for it. New 20-yuan note on the back, that is a section of Lijiang River Landscape - horse painting Hill (the largest peak among them).........
Guilin tour to Longsheng Terraced Fields
Longsheng terraced fields is about 28 kms from the longsheng county of Guangxi.The winding roads on the mountain will leads you up to 600 meter high above the sea level,when you see the terraced fields you already at the point of 880 meter above the sea level..........
Guilin tour to Yao Village
Yao village is a inhabit region in Longsheng for yao nationality.It is about 130 kms to the world's famous tourist city--Guilin. themore than . Along with the Guilin Tourism continues heating up, more and more visitors are coming here,chinese and foreigners.Especially ........
Guilin tour to Ling Canal
Ling canal is also called XiangGui canal or XingAn canal.It is located in XingAn county of Zhuang ethnic autonomous region in GuangXi.It is one of the oldest man made canal in the world.It was first built in 214 BC in Qin dynasty while the emperor Qin was fighting with the ..........
Guilin tour to Zhuang Minority Village
Zhuang has the largest population in minority of China , mainly live in Guangxi,Wenshan of Yunnan province,LianShan of Guangdong ,CongJiang of Guizhou province and JiangHua of Hunan province.Population of more than 1700 million (2005). Zhuang is a hospitable nation.......
Guilin tour to Fengyu Caves
Fengyu caves is about 16 kilometers southwest of Lipu County in Guilin. It is famous for it's abounding in a kind of fish named youfeng.The fish is not big but taste yummy and so fresh,which only can be found in Lipu.The caves run through nine mountains,the total length is 5.3 kilometers.Mand halls inside ...,,
Guilin tour to Si Gong Canyon
Sigong canyon is located in the Dongchang town,18 kms to the east of Lipu county and 14 kilometers to the west of Pingdong county,it gets a very convenient transportation.Bamboo, quiet Island,green lake,yellow sand canyon , green mountain,floating spring and waterfalls, elegant and tranquil pastoral scenery and the pleasant refreshing natural landscapes,which give you a feeling like you are in a ....
Guilin tour to Long Beach River
Lipu Long Beach River ia a completely undeveloped original Grand Canyon.It is about 8 kilometers to the south of Xiuren town, and 25 kilometers to city center.The total length of the river is 70 kms,the touristic area which you can visit by boat is about 14 kms.Narrowest point of the river is 8 meters....
Guilin tour to E Ling Monastery
ELing monastery is located about 2 kilometers to the south of Lipu County. The monastery is embraced by mountains.A river in the front, deep caves,beautiful scenic spot.It is the best attractions in the county. ELing monastery has a very long history........
Guilin tour to Eight Diagrams Villa
The Eight Trigrams Villa of Lipu county is about 110 kms to the city center of GuLin.It is one part of the FengYu cave pastoral touristic resort. The Eight Trigrams are a set of symbolic signs created in ancient China,It is used for symbolizing the various of Natural phenomena and human phenomena......
Guilin tour to Yao Minority Village at Sanbaoping
The three treasure Yao village is about 18 kms to the south of Lipu county.Their language belongs to Tibetan-Chinese language,Rao language.There are about 200 people in the village.The village is embraced by mountains of all sides,a stream running through it from north to ...........
Guilin tour to Lijiang Gulf
Lijiang gulf has the reputation of the best gulf of Gulin. At Lijiang gulf you can explore the oldest life remains of the YongSuLi people.You can also enjoy the natural fresco from hundreds of millions of years ago on the surface of the mountain while visiting by boat.There are fresco of fairy coming to the earth...........
Guilin tour to Drum Tower
Drum Tower is the symbol and soul of the Dong villages. It is the wooden structure,joined by tenons,the whole building without any use of nail. It has several floors or dozens floors, four, six or eight faces, generally more than 10 meters high, the highest one is about dozens of meters. The ..........
Guilin tour to ChengYang Wind and Rain Bridge
ChengYang wind and rain bridge is located in the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County of Guangxi province. It is usually built between the houses and the river.It is not only used as transportaion but also Contains religious meanings.It symbolize dragon flying around the village,bringing happiness and good harvest,no disaster,no trouble.So people also call it dragon bridge or getting blessing bridge.....

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