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Jinan city of Shandong


Jinan is located in the midwest of Shandong Province, which has a good regional advantages. Jinan to the north of Beijing and Tianjin Tang, south to the Yangtze River Delta, west of the Yellow River in the upper reaches of the east Shandong Peninsula, in the province in the position of linking the east with the west, in the country is the gateway for connecting East and North China and it is an important hub for central and western regions. Jinan is alos in the Bohai Sea Economic Circle that is the largest center city of the Yellow River Delta.

 Geography and climate

Jinan’s area of 8227 square kilometers. Jinan belongs to mid-latitude zone, due to solar radiation, atmospheric circulation and geographical environment, which belongs to warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate. Monsoon is characterized by clear four seasons, spring drought, dry, hot and rainy summer, and autumn is more comfortable, dry and cold in winter.


Jinan is the capital of Shandong that is east China's coastal economic province. Jinan is located in the midwest of Shandong Province. Jinan is the province's political, economic, technological, cultural center and major transportation hub. Jinan’s population is 5.9 million people where has 2000 years of history. It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. China's ancient remote primitive tribal leader - Shun (about BC 22 century), borned and lived in Jinan area. Chengziya the eastern outskirts of Jinan where is China in the late Neolithic Longshan culture, marked by black pottery (dating back 4600-4000 years) were found here the site of China's most ancient city of about 20 million square meters. As a city, Jinan has 4,000 years of history. Jinan has numerous cultural relics, there are cultural sites Shun (BC 22 century) Shun Mountain and the first Great Wall of Qi State Great Wall (3rd century BC), China's most ancient terrestrial housing construction - Xiaotang Shan Mountain’s Stone Temple ( 1st century BC), China's oldest stone pagoda - Sui Dynasty Liufu Four Gates Pagoda (AD 7th century), and painted sculptures of Lingyansi Temple of Song Dynasty (11th century) which known as the Most Famous Scuplture in Chian etc..

 Jinan has known as the Spring City Since ancient time. Especially Baotu Spring, Heihu Spring, Five Dragon Spring, the Pearl Spring are four famous springs. Since ancient time Jinnan was described as Every Famliy with Spring and Every House with Willow Tree. Jinan’s springs have as much traffic so great scenery beauty seen nowhere else in the world. These spring vertical and horizontal distribution, patchwork. There are not only Baotu, Heihu, Pearl, Five Dragon as four famous springs, but also has another suburb springs, highly remarked as the 72 springs of Jinan. The Baotu Spring is the first place among the 72 Springs. Jinan’s 72 springs are some new borned, some dried out, such as pieces of  jade embedded in earth of Jinan during the thousands of years Springs are flowing with glorious shine from day to night.

 The Thousand Buddha Mountain, Five Peaks Hill, Lingyan Temple and Cloud Mountain that the famous spots are all convergence around the Daming Lake, so constitutes a the unique scenery as City of Mountains in a Semi-Town Lake. Jinan has famous mountains and beautiful and clear springs so there are talented ancient literatis got together here as a famous Tang Dynasty poet once wrote a sentence that remarked the city as Jinan has more celebrities.

Jinan tour to Springs Plaza
Springs Plaza is located downtown, is the center of Jinan city, is also a set of cultural entertainment, green leisure and business as one of the large modern shopping plaza plaza west is Baotu Spring, South is Wang Thousand Buddha Mountain, north neat the city moat, the contours of the city is concentrated to show to visitors, will be the most concentrated expression Springs features several major attractions within the visual into the plaza..........
Jinan tour to Baotu Spring
Baotu Spring has been ranked as the highest in the three spots of Jinan city, which is located in downtown Baotu Spring Park, Baotu Spring Park was founded in 1956, its attractions, rich cultural connotation and is with the south and the north garden art features the most representative landscape garden...........
Jinan tour to The Great Lake is one of the three major attractions which is a rare natural lakes are also important attractions and the open windows of The Spring City(Jinan city also known as Spring city). It is located in north-east side downtown, north of Old Town. The Great Lake is............
Jinan tour to Thousand Buddha Mountain
Thousand Buddha Mountain is located in the south east of Jinan city, which is not far from the city center. Thousand Buddha Mountain peaks and ridges ups and downs surrounded by the thriving trees, looking like a natural barrier of Jinan. It is one of famous attraction(the other two are Baotu Spring, the Great Lake) of the Jinan city...............
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