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Lhasa tour to Potala Palace
Potala Palace, more than 3700 meters above sea level, covering a total area of 36 thousand square meters, 360 meters from east to west, 270 meters from north to south, the main building 13-story, 117 meters, is the world's highest, set palaces, castles and monasteries in one magnificent building. On 641 AD, the Tang Princess Wen Cheng and Songtsan married. The Potala Palace was built for their living. The Potala Palace is now re-built since the seventeenth century........
Tibet tour to Nietang Buddha
40 kilometres far from Lhasa city, there is a mount which name is Neitang.On the north foot of this mount, Neitang Buddha is located here.The Neitang Buddha has the Lhasa River on the east and SaZe Road. The Neitang Buddha is the largest stone statue engraved on a cliff in Tibet. This statue .........
Lhasa tour to Yambulakang
Yumbulagang Palace is located on the top of small hill. The whole palace looks like a big bunker.
Yumbulagang Palace is first imperial palace in Tibet which was built by Tibetan King Nyatri Tsanpo in the 2nd century BC.At the begging, it was a palace, then it was changed into a temple by 5th Dalai Lama. The statue of Songtsan Gampo and Princess Wencheng are offered in the main hall.
Lhasa Tibet Travel to Tibet Museum
Tibet Museum is the first museum with modern features. The Tibet Museum is located not far from the Norbulingka in the Lasa city. The museum was built in 1999 and opened to public for free on 2009.
The Tibet Museum has an area 53,959 square meters. The museum has three main parts. They are exhibition hall, fork village and office area. The Tibet Museum has a distinctive feature of Tibetan architecture. .....
Tibet tour to Barkhor Street
Barkhor Street is also called Bajiao Street. It is located at the old area of Lhasa city. It is the most famous business street and the street for Prayering. This is the best place keeping the ancient features and living style.Barkhor Street is surrounding the Jokhang Temple. There are many Buddhist pilgrims attracted by Jokhang Temple, so Barkhor Street became the place for pilgrims walk clockwise there from dawn to dark. When they do this, they hold the prayer wheels or progress body-lengths by body-lengths along the street.
Lhasa tour to Chakpori Hill
Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) is on the right side of Potala Palace with an altitude of more than 3,725 meters (about 2.3 miles).On the steep middle part of Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan) is a small stone temple in the shape of a hole. A little strange! Although this stone temple or rather rock cave has witnessed thousands of years of swift changes in both prosperity and decline, it continues to stand quietly and proudly in Lhasa............
Lhasa Tibet travel to Drepung Monastery
In the western suburbs of Lhasa, about 10 kilometers south col root Pei Wuzi mountain, there are a white buildings, from afar, as if deposited on the col where a pile of white rice, which is called the Drepung Monastery, Tibetan meaning plot m Temple, the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the three major monasteries in Lhasa, the first temple.
Tibet tour to Ganden Monastery
Ganden Monastery is located 57 kilometres far from Lhasa city, with the Lhasa River on the north. Ganden Monastery is one of the three Gelukpa university monasteries in Tibet.The Ganden Monastery was first built in 1409 Ming dynasty. Je Tsongkhapa founded it as the first Gelukpa school temple. When he died in 1419, his body was buried here. In 1733, the Qing dynasty Yongzhen gave this temple the royal name ¡°Yongtai Temple¡±.The Ganden Monastery has over 50 structures
Tibet tour to Jokhang Temple
The Jokhang Temple is located in central Lhasa in Tibet. It is a Tibetan style temple with 1350 years history.The Jokhang Temple was first built in 647 by Songtsen Gampo to memory the princess Bhrikuti. This temple was rebuilt several times and formed large size.The Jokhang Temple is the most brilliant Tubo period existing building in Tibet and the oldest earth-wooden architecture. Most temples in Tibet belong to one set, but Jokhang Temple is revered by all sects...........
Lhasa Tibet travel to Narbulingka
Norbulingka is situated in the western suburb of Lhasa City, two kilometers west of Potala Palace. It is the biggest man-made garden in Tibet.Norbulingka used be a roaly garden for spending summer time and handling political affairs. This place was first built by the 7th Dalai Lama about 18th century. This park covers an area of 360,000 square meters, with the rooms 374 inside..............
Lhasa tour to Samye Monastery
Tibet. This temple is also the first the three Buddhist jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.Samye Monastery was built in 8 century by the Trisong Detsen . This temple is just at the Trisong Detsen's birthplace. When this temple was completed, Detsen took part in the foundation ceremony and then ordained seven descendants of blue blood to cultivate in the temple........
Lhasa tour to Sera Monastery
The full name of Sera Monastery is ¡°salad Mahayana temple¡±, one of six big host temples of Tibetan Buddhism Gelug sect. It is one of the Lhasa three big temples with Zhaibung Monastery and Gandan Monastery. But it is the latest one to complete.Sera Monastery is located at Lhasa northern suburbs, 3 kilometer far from city. It was first built in 1419, and finished in 1434 in Ming dynasty. .....
Tibet travel to Tashilhungpo Monastery
Tashilhunpo Monastery is the biggest temple in the Shigatse area. It located on the west of city, next to the Nyima Mountain.Tashilhunpo Monastery was frist built in 1447 by Gedun Drub under the support of local nobles. Gedun Drub became the First Dalai Lama. In 1600, the forth Panchan Lama enlarged this temple. In 1980s, the Tashilhunpo monastery was opened to the public. ......
Lhasa tour to Tibetan Kings
Tomb of the Tibetan King is located on the southwest of Shannan County. This is a tomb from 29th to 40th Kings, Minister and Princess. The tomb has the shape of high-profile earth mound.
Tomb of the Tibetan King is the largest tombs complex preserved in Tibetan. The whole area is about 10,000 square meters. Each tomb is 10 meters high .It looks like small hills connecting.......
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