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Zhan Qiao is locted at the southern shore of Qingdao, like a rainbow stretches into the sea, and connect to the most prosperous Zhongshan Road at the north end. Small Qingdao Island is opposite to it.
Zhan Qiao Pier was firstly built in Qing Dnasty in 1892, with overall length 200 meters, width 10 meters. And then renovated in 1931 and 1985, it is now 440-meter in length , 8-meter in width. At the south of end in the sea, there is a double-layer octagonal pavillion, stand in the pavillion to listen the waves slap on the dam, or climb up to the second floor to see the ocean, you will suddently understand why the Zhan Qiao and Pavillion is hailed as one of the ten most beautiful sights in Qingdao.
Small Qingdao Island is an isolated island in the sea, 370-meter far from the shore. It is so small, only 0.024 square meters, and 17-meter altitude. Because the island shapes like a Qin (an ancient Chinese musical instrument), it is also reputation for "Qin Island".
The Small Qingdao Island connects to the shore by a dam, so travelers can get to the island. The island is covered by a variety of trees, such as cherries, pomegranates and hibiscus. The white tapering beacon on the island is an important navigation mark for the ships at Kiaochow Bay. The beacon's light flickers in the night, the scene 'Floating Light on the Qin Island' is considered as another one of the ten top views in Qingdao.
Zhongshan Road is a commercial street with more than one hundred years history. It was a "visiting card" of Qingdao. In 1897 during the German Occupation, it was divided into two sections, south street was "European area", and north street was "Chinese area". There were many old and famous shops, like nowadays Wangfujing in Beijing or Nanjing Raod in Shanghai.
In 1980s, the local goverment office moved to the east of the city, this street not so busy any more. But because of the polyphyletic architecture cultureon this street, the goverment has been considering to renovate it and get it prosperous again.
Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer Museum is located in the Qingdao beer fatory which was built in 1903. It occupies 6,000 square meters and divided into three visit areas: a centenary history and culture, produce techniques, multi-purpose area. The central part is the centenary history and culture area, from here, visitors will know origin of beer, the history of Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer, the honors of Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer and the details about Qingdao Beer International Festival. At the produce techniques area, there are old buidlings, old equipments, the environment and procedure to produce beer. At the first floor of the multi-purpose area, visitors may taste beer and buy some souvenirs here.
Xiaoyunshan Hill is 60 meters above sea level, even it is not a huge mountain, but when you are on the top of the hill, you can see all Zhanqiao, Small Qingdao Island, Luxun Park, Bathing Beach, Badaguan (Eight Passes) Qingdao.
The main building in the park is "Guanchao (tidewater view) Pavillion", this triple-tier pavillion and the Zhanqiao pavillion could see each other at a distance. There are other two pavillions on the hill Bibo Pavillion and Yongcui Pavillion, Guanchao Pavillion and Yongcui Pavilliona are connected by a zigzag corridor, colorful paintings and reliefs are in the corridor. All the buildings in the park are focus on the theme "Sea", and the paintings are all about "Fishes", that's the feature of the Xiaoyushan Park.
Started to build in 1905, and completed in 1908. It was the official residence of the German governor-general when Qingdao was a German protectorate (1897-1914).
The Governor's Mansion is a typical european old castle building, after the renovation, it opens as the Welcome Guest House where offers accommadation, food, meeting rooms, entertainment, visiting and cultural relics.
Badaguan is made up of eight streets named after eightgreat strategic forts of the Great Wall, which are Shanhaiguan, Zhengyangguan, Jiayuguan, Wushengguan, Zijingguan, Ningwuguan, Juyongguan and Shaoguan. Along the streets there are many classic European houses, various of flowers and plants.
Badaguan is bordered on the west by No 1 Beach, on the east by No 3 Beach. The famous Huashi Villa (Granite Mansion) is located on No 2 Beach in Badaduan district.
The May 4th Square was built in memory of the May 4th Movement, it is bordered on the north by municipal government building, on the south by the Fushan bay, with the total area 10 hectares. The main sculpture of the square is called "The Wind Blows in May", which is 30-meter high, and with the diameter 27 meters. Besides the huge sculpture, there are fountain springs, lawn and the coastal park.
Huashi Villa (Granite Mansion) is located at the No 2 bathing Beach in Badaguan area, it is a Russian style building. After the Great October Socialist Revolution of the Soviet Union, many rich Russians came to Qingdao and live there, Granite Mansion is the best villa which was built by one of the Russians. Because the inside wall was made by marble, outside wall was built by cobbles, on the pedestal out of the building, there are granitewares to plant flowers, the duilding is known as Granite Mansion.
The main six beaches in Qingdao are Huiquan, Taipingwan, Zhanshan, Zhanqiao, Sifang and Cangkou, Huiquan Beach is the biggest and best one, so it is known as the No. 1 bathing beach.
The beach covers an area of 3.6 hectares, and divided into a swimming zone and non-swimming zone. As the largest sandy beach in Asia, the No.1 Bathing Beach provides more than 900 showers, as well as sunbathe area, volleyball area, restaurants, ballrooms, bars and cafes. The neighboring spots include Huiquan Square, the Naval Museum and Lu Xun Park.
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