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Qufu Tourist Site

Qufu of Shandong

Qufu, is located in the southwest of Shandong Province where is the mid way between from Beijing to Shanghai, 135 km south to the provincial capital Jinan,

Geography and climate
Qufu belongs to warm temperate continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, rainfall is abundant, but more drought in the spring, summer rainy and autumn drought, less snow in winter cold and dry’s climatic characteristics.


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Confucius's Hometown, Eastern Al-Quds, the Chinese nation has a total spiritual home

Qufu is a long history city with numerous cultural relics, tourism resources which is theEastern Al-Quds. There was borned and brought up Confucius, Yen-Yuan, Yan Di Emperor’s Capital city was here. The city's key cultural relics protection units has more than 100, Confucian Palace and Confucius Temple, Confucius Family Cemetry were listed as world cultural heritages. Qufu has been listed as the first batch of 24 historical and culltural city and China's AAAA-class outstanding tourist city becoming an unique tourist destination and the Chinese National Emotion Land in 2004 where received 4 million visitors and foreign tourists.

Qufu is a top historical and cultural city of China and the capital of Lu State in ancient Time. There was the birthpalce of Confucius who is famous thinker, statesman, educator, founder of the Confucian school in the late of Spring and Autumn Period.  The city has a long history and splendid civilization of ancient oriental culture that renowned in China and foreign land. In China's long feudal society where has been a sacred place for people's minds, for the West world the city is the East Jerusalem.

International Confucius Cultural Festival will take place each year September 26 to October 10 annually in Qufu that is the China's major tourist activities in Qufu. In over half a century, this holy city of the East in general like a magnet, attracting the six continents and four oceans of different color, different countries, different faiths all walks of people who have come to pay their respects to Confucius and sightseeing visits.

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The Chinese people around the world, and the compatriots across the Taiwan Strait also have visit for recongzing their ancestors birthplace. At present, more than 40 countries and regions have established close economic and technological, cultural and academic cooperation in areas such partnerships with Qufu. There are six cities of five countries have eatablished the relationship with Qufu as Friendship Cities.

Qufu tour to Mout Tai
Mount Tai, is located in the middle of the north of Tai'an City in Shandong province, Mount Tai is the Dong Yue one of China's Five Sacred Mountains. Ancient things oriental as the turn of the land took place in early spring, so Mount Tai is the priority of "Five Sacred Mountains " or "five mountains overwhelming" reputation.As early as the Xia, Shang era, there were about72 kings came to Mount Tai for meeting with dukes and princes and for Crowned Ceremonies which were recorded by Stele marks. After Qin Shi Huang(The first Emperor of China) unified China then He had monarchal sacrifice ceremony in Mount Tai, then Emperor Han Wu Di, Emperor Guangwu, the Tang Dynasty Emperor's, such Xuanzong, Song Dynasty Emperor as Shenzong, Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong, are also soon follow suit to Mount Tai monarchal sacrifice ceremony, palaces, temple statues , Stele inscription for Mount Tai left a large number of cultural heritage Ages well-known scholars are also attracted to come here one after another, praise poems on Mount Tai as many as a thousand in the first. The Great Poet of Tang Dynasty Du Fu's Birdveiw of Mountain poem: When I climbed to the top of the Mount Tai, it drawfs all of hills. Has become a popular name of poetry through the ages.Taishan Mountain is a sacred of both Buddhism and Taoism, thus temples, scenic spots across the mountains. Therefore, not only the magnificent Taishan majestic mountains, and there are numerous cultural relics, but also a famous Taoist mountain. Four Wonders of the Peak is more: the Rising sun, Sunset glow, the Yellow River gold belt, Sea of clouds jade plate, a real in name of a heritage treasure and the key of the world tourist attraction. In the end of 1987, the World Conservation and Cultural Resources Committee has Mount Tai list for" World Heritage ".
Qufu tour to Temple of Confucius
Temple of Confucius is a worshiping palce for China's ancient thinker, statesman and educator Confucius emple, located in the central of Qufu city, is a group of oriental architectural features, large-scale, imposing ancient buildings.Confucius Temple was built in the second year after the death of Confucius (478 BC). His disciples before his death, "and therefore of residence hall" lap as the Temple, "at the age worship here."At that time only the "Temple House 3," preserved the Confucius uesed clothing, hat, piano, carriage, books." Subsequently, dynasties constantly expanding. Historically, Confucian Temple has a total of 15 times in the repair overhaul of 31 times, minor repairs hundreds of times, and finally the formation of the current macro such a large-scaleNow the size of the Confucian Temple in the Ming and Qing dynasties completed. Building imitation imperial palace system, is divided into nine into the garden, a north-south axis running through the line, so to make symmetrical
Qufu tour to Official Residence of Confucius Family
The original name is Sage Prosperity House east of the the Temple of Confucius in Qufu city, is Confucius descents to live. Sage Prosperity and Second year to the Northern Song dynasty (AD 1055) Song Renzong gave 46 generation descendant of Confucius the title of Conzonyuan like this titles descendants have, for a whole generation has inherited 32 and lasted 880 years.Sage Prosperity is the great aristocratic privilege of China's feudal society. In Song Dynasty equivalent to eighth rank officer, promoted to 3rd rank in Yuan Dynasty, Ming promoted to the 1st rank, and later "the head of the civil service class column," In the Qing Dynasty was also allowed him come in the Forbidden City freely.
Confucian covers an area of 240 acres, a total hall and room of 463. There are 9 layers into the yard, three-way layout: Road known as East school, building has always been Hall, Mu En Hall, Confucius's family temple, and workshops, etc.; West that is Western Learning room, with red calyx Villa, Tadanori Hall, Anhuai Church and Floral Hall, etc.; The main part of the Mansion there are three six-room, the last of the garden.
Qufu tour to Confucius Cemetry
The Confucius Cemetry is a national key cultural relics protection units, which was uesed to said as the Holy forest, is the cemetery of Confucius and his family. Confucius died, his disciples was buried him in the north of the city of Lu. To the Qin and Han Dynasty, though the graves were high, but still only a small number of cemeteries and several forest guards, later the status and reputation as the increasing of Confucius, the scale of Cemetry is growing.The Confucius Cemetry is located in Qufu city, Shandong Province, North to the city of 2 kilometers, which is China's largest and longest sustained and saved the most complete one clan Tombs and artificial gardens. Walls of the place all in gray bricks piled up three or four meters, 7.3 kilometers long, covering 3,000 acres, ancient trees are thrive, disciple of Confucius according to legend, all the trees planted in their hometown of Cemetry, thus making it very many species. Tombs of here are countless, steles in groups, in addition to Confucius, Con li the son of Confucius, Con ji the grandson of Confucius the three generations burials and buildings, there are also Kung Ling-yi, Kong Yuhou,
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