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Rizhao city of Sahngdong

Rizhao is located in south-east of Shandong Province to the east of Yellow Sea, west of Linyi City, south of Lianyungang City in Jiangsu Province, adjacent to the north of Tsingdao and Weifang Cities .

Geography and climate:
Rizhao has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate which belongs to warm and humid monsoon climate. The annual average temperature of 12.7 ℃, annual average humidity of 72%, frost-free period 223 days, the annual average sunshine 2533 hours, an average annual precipitation is 870 millimeters. Air quality meets the standard of national level. Known as Oriental Hawaii.

It is about 82 km north-south east-west width of 90 km, with a total area of 5310 square kilometers.

As a coastal eco-tourism city, Rizhaoa is famous for Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Golden Sand where a sound ecological environment, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, is a rare summer coastal resort. In December 2003, Rizhao passed inspection of China National Tourism Administration, so it was awarded as the China Excellent Tourism City honored title. The city's total population of 2.8454 million people.

Rizhao has abundant tourism resources such as sea views,  famous mountains, ancient relics and forest. There are 100 kilometers of coastline and 64 kilometers of excellent beaches, the experts have praised as there as the China's only Coastal Areas Remaining Uncontaminated Gold Coast. The city has the Olympic water sports park, Wulian Mountain Scenic Area, Luxia County’s Mountain and a number of famous tourist attractions such as  the world's largest Chinese Characters Carving Rock that is River and Mountain in the Sunshine, the world first Ginkgo - Ginkgo tree of Fulai mountain and Jiangbei's largest green tea base, the largest bamboo growing zone, the biggest wild azalea growth zone is also in Rizhao city. Rizhao is an important birthplace of the Longshan culture, the Double City’s relic has been found within the site, Lingyang River sites, Dantu sites, the East China Sea valley sites, etc. Lingyang River has been unearthed the original Pottery Characters older than Oracle over 1000 years that rated as the ancestor of our Chinese language. Chu culture and Qi culture, Lu culture are said the three cultures in Shandong. Rizhao is hometown of a lot of famous people such as the great military strategist Jiang Shang who lived during the Western Zhou, well-known text critic Liu Xie Southern and Northern Dynasties, Nobel Prize woner Samuel Ting. Qi Great Wall ruins, Chu State original Capital ruins, Rizhao Port are all tourist must visiting places.  Rizhao has emerged a group of tourist attractions to create or break the World’s records of China's records of China's Association of World Records.

Rizhao has a number of tourism projects with special features. The city relys on unique tourism resources then developed of a large number of tourism projects with local characteristics. Advantage of relying on Beautiful Beach where introduced the 3S (Sun, Sea, Sand) leisure travel. relying on Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Scenic Area where introduced the Eco-Religious tour; rely on Fulai Mountain Scenic Area and Chu County’s museum where  introduced the Chu’s culture tour. Relying on water sports base and Wanpin kou Scenic Spot area where launched a seaside sports tour, relying on Tea Culture Tourism Festival and Tea Expo where introduced the Tea Culture Tourism; relying on the coastal fisherman village launched the Fun Fishing"Trip, tourists can stay in fisherman house, eat meals fisherman’s and rushed to the sea with nets by boat to meet the tourist adventures that has been praised and won high remark by all tourists.

Shandong tour to Galaxy Park
Galaxy Park was founded in 2000, is formed by the transformation of waste quarry pond, the park is completed to provide a good leisure and entertainment where became a beautiful urban landscape.
A city park and a city............
Shandong tour to Lighthouse Scenic Spot
Rizhao city’s lighthouse Tour scenic area is famous for standing tall navigational beacon of the bank. the core of the senic area is the Lighthouse, facing the sea grass slopes; lighthouses bursting onto the scene as if from the natural borned column of the Ocean, showing a natural environment and cultural landscape of the harmony and unity.........
Shandong tour to Wanpingkou Square
Rizhao City’s Wanpingkou beach tourist area is the golden coastline, which is the new tourist destination inRizhao. To the east is Yellow Sea, north Lunan Beach National Park, south is the Rizhao Port, Rizhao new urban Botanical Garden and SakuraPark is to the west, A total area of 4.6 square kilometers..........
Shandong tour to Wanpingkou Bathing Beach
Rizhao City Wanpingkou scenic beach is the largest scenic spot in urban area, a coastline of 5,000 meters, covers an area of 7.6 million square meters, she beautiful and pleasant natural environment, moist fresh air and clean wide beaches, crystal clear water and.......
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