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Shanghai is the most prosperous city in mainland China, there are two main ports for luxury global cruise ships, one is Gaoyang Road Port which is located on the north of the Bund, one is Waigaoqiao Port in Pudong.
Gaoyang Road Port is just in the city, and 97 km away from Suzhou. Cruise ships Amsterdam, Volendan, Nautica, Legend of the Seas, Ocean Pincess …all dock here.
Waigaoqiao Port is 55 km away from the city center, and 125 km far from Suzhou. Only Diamond Princess docks at here so far.
Usually, passengers are permitted to disembark from cruise ships at 8am, and you will see our guides once you have passed through customs.
The main tourist sites in Shanghai are Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Nanjing Road, the Bund, TV Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.  Zhouzhuang, Suzhou and Hangzhou are......[ More ]
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Shanghai are named "Paris of the Orient" and "Pearl of China." There are four key small zones which are Luijiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Golden Bridge Export Processing Zone, Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone and Zhangjiang High-tech Zone. The city is China’s second-largest one in terms of population. To most travelers, Shanghai used to be the adventures’ paradise. Most of the European-style quarters of the old international Settlement and French Conession areas can still be seen, though they’re much in need of repair. Shanghai, the only Chinese city with two international airports which named Hongqiao and Pudong respectively, will have the annual capacity to handle 100 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo by 2010. Shanghai Maglev Train – It’s the world’s first commercialized operating magnetic line. The 30- Kilometer-long trip, between Longyang Road Station and Shanghai Pudong international Airport, takes only 7 minutes, with a maximum speed of 430 kilometers per hour. China shanghai tour,One Day Shanghai City Tour,Shanghai Tourist Site,shanghai tripŁ¬shanghai travel,shangahi-Jade Buddha Temple,Huangpu River,Maglev Train,The Bund,Huxinting Teahouse,Oriental Pearl TV Tower,Shanghai People s Square,Shanghai Shikumen,Nanjing Road,Shanghai Global Financial Center Abbreviation: Hu Area: 6,340 square kilometers Population: 16.74 million Location: In east China on the Yangtze River eastuary Annual average temperature: 15.7 Celsius (60.26 Fahrenheit)
Shanghai Tourist Site - (Shanghai Tour)
Shanghai are named "Paris of the Orient" and "Pearl of China." There are four key small zones which are Luijiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Golden Bridge Export Processing Zone, Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone and Zhangjiang High-tech Zone. The city is China’s second-largest one in terms of population. To most travelers, Shanghai used to be the adventures’ paradise. Most of the European-style quarters of the old international Settlement and French Conession areas can still be seen, though they’re much in need of repair.
Shanghai, the only Chinese city with two international airports which named Hongqiao and Pudong respectively, will have the annual capacity to handle 100 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo by 2010.
Shanghai Maglev Train – It’s the world’s first commercialized operating magnetic line. The 30- Kilometer-long trip, between Longyang Road Station and Shanghai Pudong international Airport, takes only 7 minutes, with a maximum speed of 430 kilometers per hour...........
  -------  Shanghai Tour Guide - Kelly Wang Shanghai Tour Guide - Kelly Wang

Shanghai tour to Jade Buddha Temple
Jade Buddha Temple located in Shanghai Anyuan Road, not only temples in Shanghai, but also well-known Buddhist monasteries in home and abroad.It is one of the top ten tourist spots of Shanghai.Even though it is located in downtown areas, it has been hailed as a pure land in the city.Jade Buddha Temple has 120 years history, 11 abbots have been living here. The first abbot Huigen Master in the Qing dynasty (1882) brought back 5 Emerald Buddha from Burma,leaving 2 for the believers in Shanghai.The temple was destroyed during the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty. Fortunately the jade Buddha statues were saved and a new temple was built on the present site in 1928.The jade buddha temple is famous for the two buddha Statue. One was called the treasures of the temple.It is the seated Sakyamuni, 1.95 meters high, made from a single piece of jade. The most Surprised thing is that, no matter what your standing point is, you will feel that the Buddha is always looking at you peacefully. And the buddha Statue is decorated with more than 100 precious stones. Another statue is the lying buddha which is also very Worth to see.
Shanghai tour to Huangpu River
The tour of Huangpu River is an important tradition tour in Shanghai's tourism. Huangpu River is the mother river of Shanghai, representing the symbol and epitome of Shanghai.From here You can see Shanghai's past, present, and slso the bright future of Shanghai. Huangpu River can be seen during the tour across the River on both sides of the Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Two bridges, like two dragons lying on the Huangpu River, in the middle is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, just constitute a giant picture:two dragons playing with the prarl.An exotic blocks of different styles of Buildings at the West Bank, and at the east coast where stand Towering modern buildings among the clouds. Wusong Estuary, is the confluence of the Huangpu River and Yangtze River, and also close to the Estuary of the Yangtze River, where is the intersection of Huangpu River,Yangtze River and the East China Sea.If in the high tide, you can see the famous "three Parallel water ". The Huangpu River brings the blue gray water from the city, the Yangtze River brings the yellow water with the sediment, while the East China Sea water is in green,three river's colors are different, the "three Parallel water" is indeed a great spectacle.
Shanghai tour to Maglev Train
The world's first maglev train Demonstration Line - Shanghai maglev train, starts from Pudong Longyang Road Station to Pudong International Airport, more than 30 kilometers takes only 6 ~ 7 minutes.It is 29.863 kilometers long, design speed and operating speed were 505 km and 430 km.It is regarded as the speed champion in the world's commercial transportations and will be recorded in Guinness Book of World Records.The price is 50 for single way but you can get it at 40 if you have the air ticket.
Shanghai tour to Bund
The Bund, located in the downtown of Shanghai,it is a very nice place which the visitors must to go.It is also known as Zhong Shan east road, total length is about1.5 km. Huangpu River in the east, in the west there are many Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque style of buildings, known as the "10thousand-State Building Expo Group."
The Huangpu River is the largest river flowing through downtown of Shanghai, the source of Huangpu River is located in Zhejiang Anji Nature Reserve. As the Huangpu river links the sea and river, by the tidal influence, with an average apparent rising and lowing tide twice a day , the gap of water level in one day can go up to 4 meters. In case of an astronomical tide, the gap is even greater.
More than a century, the Bund has served as a symbol of Shanghai. It is the pride to the people in fully demonstrated to the world of Shanghai's culture and history.
Bund's river, Long Beach, green belt and magnificent buildings, is the most characteristic landscape of Shanghai. Morning, the Bund is the place where people take exercise; daytime, it is the busy tourist attraction; in the evening, here is the heaven of the lovers.When the light turns on, the various buildings on the Bund, brilliant lights, like the Crystal Palace,really amazing!
Shanghai tour to Ohel Moishe Synagogue
Ohel Moishe Synagogue is located in Changyang Road, No. 62 Shanghai.Here used to be the warmest shelter for the 20thousand displaced Jews.It have witnessed the kindness and tolerance of Chinese people, especially the people of Shanghai.
Ohel Moishe Synagogue, is the place which most of the Jews must visit if they come to Shanghai. It was built in 1927 (Jewish calendar year 5688), was originally a special hall only for the Jews.During World War II here was the religious activity center for Jewish refugees.At some time in the past, Ohel Moishe Synagogue used to be the headquarters for the Jewish youth organizations.
Ohel Moishe Synagogue is a three-floor house, red brick steeple oblique,white wooden window frames with blue Stripe.Memorial welcomes you with it's Ornamental engraved gate. At front and left hand there is a coffee, dark wooden doors, stone arch porch, similar to the Baroque style. Pass on the left goes to upstairs, while in the front is the way going to the chapel.Here is so quiet, only the long seats arranged orderly, quietly lying in the Memorial Hall. There are a few old photographs on both sides of the walls in chapel, respectively, the Synagogues of old Shanghai and many different kinds of house which is made in old Shanghai by the Jews Sassoon.
Shanghai tour to Longhua Temple
Longhua Temple is located in Shanghai Xuhui District, Longhua Town,the oldest and the largest ancient temple in Shanghai. According to the legend, Longhua Temple was built in the Three Kingdoms Period.The king of kingdom Wu named Sun Quan ordered to build it for his mother.It is about 1,700 years ago. Now the temple you can see is renovated in the Qing dynasty(1644-1911). Today's Longhua Temple has become the religious tourist attraction.
Longhua Temple is tranquil,solemn,dignified and neat.The main buildings are: Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Maitreya Hall, Heavenly King Hall, Main Hall, the three sage hall and so on. The first Hall is Maitreya Hall,Bodhisattva Maitreya enshrined in the middle of the hall.Same as the other temples,the Bodhisattva Maitreya enshrined here is the monk bag(because he is always carrying a big bag) , bare chest, smiling.second Hall is Heavenly King Hall, on both sides of the hall are the four heavenly King,each 4 meters high.The third Hall is the main hall.In the middle is Vairocana, also known as Dharmakaya Buddha. The left is Manjushri,The right is Samantabhadra, who are riding a white elephant, to show his noble.A ancient bell also displayed in the hall,which was made in 1586.
There is a Dragon cast bronze bell hanging on top of the bell tower,is about 2 meters high and weighs 13,000 pounds. End of the year, there will be the famous activity " hitting Longhua Bell greeting the New Year" which has attracted large numbers of tourists.
Shanghai tour to Huxinting Teahouse
The decoration of the pavilion in lake teahouse is very elegant and ancient, highly traditional character. Supply all kinds of tea, water here is so pure and sweet, different from the other places. Professional performance very Monday afternoon. you can also appreciate the beautiful music from the Water city of china enjoying the scenery while having tea. The teahouse attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every day, had also received Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and many other heads of state and foreign dignitaries.
Shanghai tour to Seaven Treasures Town
Seaven Treasures Town is located in Minhang District, Shanghai,it is about three kilometers to the Hongqiao Airport from the south. It began in the Northern Song Dynasty.since ancient times it has always been a busy place for the merchants.Humanities Blossomed.The seven treasures are said as: flying Buddha, ancient bell, Lotus scripture, God tree, Golden Rooster, jade axes, jade chopsticks.

1.Bell Tower
Down off the car forward about 200 meters, we came to the north entrance of the town. spend 30 yuan to buy an eight attractions passes, the first spots is the bell tower, which is a three-story tower, there is a large bell inside the bell Tower , known as "ancient bell" is also one of seven treasure.
First floor, a big beard "calligrapher" writing calligraphy, as soon as you enter you will smell the ink; the second floor you can see some calligraphy on display.on the third floor is the ancient bell,knocking three times to pray for happiness and safety!
2.Textile Workshop
here you will see the Brilliant history of textiles in a exhibition hall,where also showing you the wedding ceremony of Seaven Treasures Town in ancient time.
3.Zhangchongren Memorial hall.
Zhangchongren is An outstanding painter, world-class sculptor.
The furniture in the Pawnshop is very simple and very plain,here displays a lot of pawn tickets and currency of qing dynasty. It is quite a symbolic place. street
here you can get many different kinds of snacks,some you will not get at other places.
Shanghai tour to Grand View Garden
State AAAA-class tourist attraction, five-star Park of Shanghai - Grand View Garden, is based on the mood of Chinese classic "Dream of Red Mansions".It is a large-scale theme park build by Chinese traditional art techniques.The building area is about 8000 square meters , more than 20 large and small attractions.
It is about 1934 acres of land surrounded by the Grand View Garden , tourist attractions are:the national culture village, Plum Garden, Albatron tower, sweet-scented osmanthus Court, as well as hand boating, bamboo raft, laser fire shooting, archery, costume photographs and other entertainment, there are Grand View Garden Resort available for leisure visitors.
Since opening in 1984, the Shanghai Grand View Garden has received more than 16 million people at home and abroad, and has received the party and state leaders, foreign heads of state, domestic and foreign celebrities, won the acclaimed, was awarded the top ten construction of Shanghai 40th anniversary, Shanghai Excellent construction, Shanghai top ten tourist attractions.
Shanghai tour to Nanjing Road
Shanghai Nanjing Road is located in Huangpu District,1200 meters long,Starts from Tibet Road in the west end at Henan Road in the east.There is a dark red marble screen on both side of the walking street. On above there is a personally written by President Jiang "Nanjing Road walking Street," The street is done by The 50th anniversary of China,since then it becomes a new beautiful landscape of Shanghai.
walking on the street, you will always feel a great happiness, colored paving brick, on both sides are all kinds of fashion shops, bustling crowd, lovely tourist mini-train, as well as the exquisitely designed urban sculptures. All these constitute the modern urban landscape of Shanghai.There are also hundreds of shops for local food and snacks for visitors to taste!
Shanghai tour to Global Financial Center
Shanghai Global Financial Center is based on Japan's Mori Building Co., Ltd. (Mori Building Corporation),joint Japan, the United States, more than 40 enterprises to invest in the construction of projects with a total investment of more than 105 billion yen (more than 1 billion US dollar). 460 meters high in the original design, total construction area of 381.6 thousand square meters, adjacent to the Jin Mao Tower. After starting in early 1997, due to the Asian financial crisis, It once suspended. Project resumed in February 2003. But then both in Taipei and Hong Kong are buildiing 480 meters high skyscraper, over the global financial center of the original design height. As Japan's original intention to build world's tallest building remains unchanged, the original design was revised. The revised World Financial Center, had increased seven-layer, that is, to reach 100 on the ground floor, underground 3 floors, total floor area of about 377,300 square meters.
Shanghai global Financial Center is included a big hotel the offices the exhibition center a big shoppig mal etc. 97 floor is the "sightseeing bridge" .At the 100 floor there is a sightseeing Pavilion, 472 meters high, surpassing Canada's National Tower's observation deck over Dubai tower worship Doody viewing platform (on the ground 440 meters), and become the world's highest observation deck.
Shanghai tour to French Concession
Shanghai French Concession (French: La concession fran?aise de Changha?), located in two districts of Shanghai Luwan and Xuhui.China once has opened four French Concession,this one is the earliest, largest and most prosperous one. (The other three are the French concession of Tianjin, the French Concession of Hankou and the French Concession of Guangzhou.
French Concession opened in 1849 in the qing dynasty.
A slight expansion in 1900 while in 1914 a Big Expansion appeared. Since 1920s here develop into the best residential area of Shanghai.It is returned to China In August 1943 which lasted nearly a hundred years. So here left a large number of historic buildings. They have a traditional European-style.While walking in this area you will feel that you are not in Shanghai but in a small european country.Full of romantic flavor on the street.
Shanghai tour to Shikumen
Shikumen, the most representative of Shanghai residential buildings, is generally considered a symbol of modern urban civilization of Shanghai.
Shikumen building grew out of the traditional Chinese courtyard.
In the late nineteenth century, it began to appear in Shanghai.They use the traditional load-bearing wood and brick walls built up houses. As people use the stone for the outer door frames, so it is called "Shikumen."(stone gate)
With this fusion of Chinese and Western architectural art, as the architectural and cultural creations,Shikumen left a deep imprint in the history of Modern Architecture of China.
Shikumen mostly two-story brick-wood structure buildings, often with a sloping roof and dormer windows, red brick facades and traditional Chinese archway. Two solid black lacquer wooden doors.
Shanghai tour to New World
Shanghai new world is a historical and cultural landscape of Shanghai tourist is based on Shanghai's unique stone-gate building,which transformed into a set of dining, business, entertainment, culture, leisure and pedestrian street. Chinese and Western flavors, old and new combination.Shanghai new world is build by stone-gete architecture and modern architecture, composing a fashion pedestrian street.
Shanghai new world is located in the city center, south of Huaihai Zhong Road.It covers an area of 30,000 square meters, construction area of 60,000 square meters. This group of stone-gate buildings maintained the old walls and tiles, as if the time went back to the 1920s. However, the internal architecture of each block is made according to the modern city lifestyle, pace of life, emotional world of 21st century.Here is full of international art galleries,theme restaurants and coffee bars.the Oriental charm of dining and entertainment center is build by 100 movie stars and singers of HK,included jackie chen.Here is the wonderful place for the fans would exchange with their idols.
Shanghai tour to Zhujiajiao
Zhujiajiao, a famous water town,which gets the reputation of Shanghai Venice.It covers an area of 1.5 square kms.Caogang river divides the town in two parts,the Jingting port and north street.There are many meandering alleys on both side,The street is paved by granite,qing dynasty style architectures and many historical heritages,which made it so unique!
One bridge,the biggest 5-arch-stone bridge in all the water towns.Standing on the bridge watching the little boats passing through,what a pleasant feeling!And the other 30 old bridges are also very unique.
One street,the famous north street is called the No.1 Ming and Qing street of shanghai.After so many years,it still preserve as it used to be in ancient times.Hundreds of shops on both side of the street.Many of them are really old and with the lanterns hanging outside.
One temple,baoguo temple.There are 3 treasures in the temple.The statue of Sakyamuni which is carved by white jade of burma.The guanyin buddha.The a-thousand-year ginkgo tree.
ˇˇOne monastery,Chenghuang monastery.Here also have 3 treasures to see.It needs you to Find out.
ˇˇOne hall, the hall of family Xi, richist family in the old water town area.You should pay attention on the atone carving on the gate and the wall.they are so delicate and unique!ˇˇˇˇˇˇ
ˇˇTwo is big and old another one is cute and morden,which is So interesting.
Shanghai tour to People Square
Shanghai People's Square is located in Huangpu District, formed called Shanghai Race hall. Horse racing and other events was held here in the upper class. Thewi People's Square is an open square, with the People's Park in and the cultural, tourism, commercial buildings surrounding by.People's Square of Shanghai is the economic, political and cultural center, transportation hub, a tourist center, which is also one of the most important landmarks of Shanghai. Shanghai People's Square covers an area of 140 thousand square meters, which could accommodate more than 1.2million people at the same time.
Tips:1 underground of the People's Square there is a "1930 Shanghai style Street", in that you can enjoy the comic opera , the old architectural style and theancient customs.
2 don't stay there in hot summer under the blazing sun unless you want your skin to be tan.
Shanghai tour - the Oriental Pearl TV Tower
The Oriental Pearl Tower is TV tower in shanghai China.It located at the tip of Liujiazui in the Pudong district, by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund of Shanghai. It was constructed in 1991 and was completed in 1995. At 468 m (1,535 feet) high, it is the tallest completed tower in Asia, and the third tallest tower in the world after the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada and the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Russia . It was also the tallest structure in China from 1994-2007, when it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center.
This tower consist of 11 spheres, big and small. The two biggest spheres, along the length of the tower, have diameters of 50 m (164 ft) for the lower and 45 m (148 ft) for the upper. They are linked by three columns, each 9 m (30 ft) in diameter. The highest sphere is 14 m (46 ft) in diameter.
The tower has fifteen observatory levels. The highest (known as the Space Module) is at 350 m (1148 ft). The lower levels are at 263 m (863 ft) (Sightseeing Floor) and at 90 m (295 ft) (Space City). There is a revolving restaurant at the 267 m (876 ft) level. The project also contains exhibition facilities, restaurants and a shopping mall. There is also a 20-room hotel called the Space Hotel between the two large spheres.
Shanghai tour to Shanghai 1933 Old Cultural Creative Industrial Clusters
It is located at Hongkou district, was the biggest abattoir in east Asia, after the complete renovation in 1933, it became a landmark building complex in Shanghai, and Shanghai 1933 became the name of this place, from Abattoir to Arts and Creative Hub, Shanghai 1933 is a legendary place.
In 1893 (Guangxu 19th of Qing Dynasty), Shanghai Municipal Council built the public abattoir at No 10 Shajing road at Hongkou.
Aug 1919, English built their abattoir not far from their concession to kill cattle.
In 1937, this place was occupied by Janpanese.
In 1945, Chinese got victory in the war, and took over it.
The buildings at Shanghai 1933 area were created by architects from America, Holland, Germany, England, China Hongkong and Macao. The main building is surrounded by city moat, square outside and round inside. The main attractions in the building are suspended stage, umbrella-type pillars, gallerybridge, center circle from the first floor to the third floor, lattice window, ox way, winding stair.
The suspended stage is on the forth floor, has 1500 square meters, i had provided space for commercial activities, like Ferrari F1 Party, Rado 50th anniversaries ceremony, Paris Artistic designing exhibition, My blueberry night's Asian premiere party, New Mercedes-Benz's news conference, Porsche 60th anniversaries ceremony...
The main building is girderless floor construction, so it is supported by more than 300 huge umbrella-type pillars, it is one of a typical characters of this building.
Gallerybridge is another typical character of the building, rotative gallerybridges constructed variegated spaces, it is a favourite place for many photographers.
Center circle from the first floor to the third floor are connected by French-style winding stair, as an active region, general public can get to the art distance zero here.
Lattice windows are on the west, north and south walls of the building.
Ox way is rough and antiskid, which was designed for livestock.
Winding stairs are used to connect the first floor to the third floor, the big circular measure is the character of the winding stairs.
Around the main buidling, there are many restaurants, coffee bars, shops now, you can even hire your own mini office here.
Shanghai tour to Moller house
One of Shanghai's most whimsical buildings, the Scandinavian-influenced gothic peaks of the Moller House could double as the Munsters' holiday home. The Swedish owner and horse-racing fan, Eric Moller, owned the Moller Line. Previously home to the Communist Youth League, the building now houses a hotel, the Hengshan Moller Villa.Fancifully perhaps, legend attests that a fortune teller warned Moller that tragedy would befall him on the house's completion, so the tycoon dragged out its construction (until 1949). Moller clung on for a few years before dying in a plane crash in 1954.
Shanghai tour to Pudong Lujiazui Zone
After HongKong SAR, Lujiazui zone is designated as `finance and trade zone' in China mainland. It will be the main power to develop China' financial services industry. Lujiazui locates on the eastern bank of Huangpu river and covers an area of almost 32 squae kilometers.
Lujiazui has a wide range of skyscrapers of office space in high quality; however a number of buildings stand out from the crowd and are instantly recognizable, such as Shanghai TV tower, Jinmao Building, and also the newly constructed Shanghai World Financial Center which is currently the world's tallest completed building (in terms of highest occupied floor) at 1,555 ft until the Burj Dubai is completed.
Shanghai tour to Shanghai Municipal History Museum
Shanghai Municipal History museum locates in the basement of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower - that rocket building in Pudong with the tripod and pink balls.First hall is showing life-like manikins performing the traditional activities of life in agriculture society such as farming and fishing. Chinese medicine stall, a tea-house, a cloth shop, etc. exhibit as well.Second hall is the most important hall for it tells and emphasizes colonial history of Shanghai. See what life was like for foreigners living among the Shanghai local people during 1860 to 1949. The dioramas are amazingly detailed, especially the street scenes of shops and entertainment districts. For third hall, it' full of scale models of Shanghai's most famous buildings
Shanghai tour to Shanghai Lyceum Theatre
Lyceum Theatre was first built in 1867, then burned down. The existing Lyceum Theatre was founded in 1930. Before 1949, Lyceum Theatre was used by a well-known Shanghai amateur drama company, mainly for presenting theatrical performances and motion pictures. Entering the 21st Century, the theatre took on a brand new look, thanks for the exquisite design of engineers from Singapore. The rebuilt stage has retained the original elegant European architectural style. Moreover, it has become even more technically advanced. The simple facade looks classical and unsophisticated: lit up with refulgent and glittery lights at night, reminding passersby of the glorious history of the theatre. The design of the auditorium is a combination of contemporary nostalgia and Roman architecture of the 18th Century, giving it a feeling of resplendence, magnificence and pageantry.
First established in 1559 by a Mandarin Named PanYunduan who sued to be the governor of Sichuan and was expanded in 1577. Yu Garden also called as ˇ°Chenghuang Miaoˇ± ¨C Town God Temple by the local people. It became the headquarters of the Dagger Society Uprising against the foreign imperialists in Shanghai in 1853.........


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