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Introduction of Tianjin:
Tianjin, referred to as "Jin", Tianjin, the name first appeared in the early years of China's Ming Dynasty Yongle(AD1400 ), meaning the ferry of the Son of Heaven’s through the crossing. In the Second year of Ming Dynasty Yongle (AD1404), as a military significance, Tianjin started building of a town-based fort, said the Tianjin Fort. Tianjin is China's third largest city and northern China's economic and trading centers, the capital of Beijing's maritime gateway and the national historical and cultural city.
Population: 10.43 Million
Area: 11,305 Square kilometer

Tianjin is located northeast of the North China Plain, to the east is Bohai Sea, to the North Yanshan Mountain,neighboring to Beijing, borders to Tangshan , Chengde, Langfang, Cangzhou area in Hebei Province. Coastline of about 133 kilometers.

Tianjin climate is temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, marked the transition from land to sea features: Seasons Obviously and different for the time; precipitation small, unevenly distributed; monsoon frequently, sunshine is abundant. The annual average temperature is 12.3 ℃. Hottest in July, monthly mean temperature of up to 26 ℃; 1 Yue coldest, the mean temperature of -4 ℃. Average annual precipitation is 550 ~ 680 mm, summer precipitation is about 80% of annual precipitation.

Tourist attractions
Tianjin historical sites and more rich in archaeological finds, there are 40 state-level and municipal-level key cultural relics protection units. Such as Du-le Temple Which was built in the Sui Dynasty (AD581—AD618), of large wooden temple - Dule Si, has more than 1,000 years of history. There Jixian county’s huangyaguan Great Wall, length of 41 kilometers, a variety of different forms of the ancient towers more than 1000 seats, rugged, magnificent, known as "thistle North lock and key," Pan shan is known as "Jingdong first Mountain". The mountain is majesty, the endlessly rising stack, the same to architecture and natural landscape into one body. In addition, Heavenly Queen Temple, Confucian Temple, the Great Charity Temple, Mosque, Tian zun Pavilion, Tiancheng Temple, Taku forts, Wanghai Church, Canton Center, as well as Zhou Enlai, the revolutionary activities of his youth in Tianjin Memorial Hall. Tianjin's construction with the ancient architecture and modern architecture coexist features, the "Museum of 10000 State of Architecture" . Because the city was opend early There are 9 countries concessions to various styles of the Western-style features buildings, retaining the 19 century to the early twentieth century East and West countries in all types of building more than 1000 buildings. Tianjin has four world-renown folk art. "Clay figurine Zhang" painted sculpture art of nationally known, well known in the world. "Yangliuqing" Door’s paintiongs has a long history, deeply favored international friends. "Kite of Family Wei" won gold medal in 1914 Panama International Fair. To "engraved brick Liu" as the representative of the architectural decorative brick, so that China's Tianjin engraved bricks unique folk architecture process.

Xingang Tianjin Tour to Liberation Bridge(Jiefang Bridge)
Liberation Bridge(Jiefang Bridge) is in the front of Tianjin railway station, Tinajin's mother river-Haihe River runs through it. Liberation Bridge is a steel structure bridge with more than 80 years. The bridge first named Wanguo Bridge, with 97.64-meter long and 19.5-meter wide, then changed to Liberation Bridge to selebrate the liberation of Tianjin.
On the north end of the Bridge, it is the Century Bell, this huge and peculiar bell is the largest and heaviest bell in China so far, 40 meters in height and more than 170 tons in weight. The Century Bell was constructed for the new millennium in 2000.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Art Gallery
Tianjin Art Gallery is a component of Tianjin cultural and leisure quarter, 29800 square meters Art Gallery has four exhibition areas: Chinese calligraphy, Western art, sculpture and modern arts, totlly more than 20000 aritstic works.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall
Zhou Enlai(5 March 1898 – 8 January 1976) was the first Premier of the People's Republic of China. Zhou did remarkable job in the Communist Party's rise to power, and subsequently in the development of the Chinese economy and restructuring of Chinese society.
Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is located north of the beautiful water parkin Tianjin, in memory of Premier Zhou En-lai and his wife Deng Yingchao. It includes five mail halls to show their lives, work, love and some publications, cultural relics.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Carpet Factory
Tianjin carpet has been well known in the world from Qing Dynasty for its high techniques on pattern design, weaving and dyeing. Tianjin Carpet Factory makes and sells tufted carpets, all the carpets are handmade and with high quality. Tianjin carpets have been exported to many countries and won several prizes in world expositions.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Tianjin Ancient Culture Street
Tianjin Ancient Culture Street is located on the west bank of the Haihe River, totally 0.36 miles long, and with Tianhou Palace as its geographical center. The replica of classical architecture and various folk crafts, antiques make it is worthy of the name.
Drum Tower Street is not far from the Ancient Culture Street.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Tianjin Food Street
Tianjin dining culture is renowned throughout China, the most famous one Goubuli steamed dumpling(Goubuli Baozi), welcome by people for its unique flavour stuffing. Then the Fried Dough Twist (Ma hua), it is made from wheat powder and deep fried, taste a little sweet and very crisp. Other local snacks like Ear-Hole Fried Cake, Chatang and Tangdui are all yummy. Actually, Tianjin Food Street not only offers local sancks, but also various food from other cities of China.
Xingang Tianjin Tour to Wu Da Dao
Dao means street or road, Wu Da Dao means five major streets, we usually say Wudadao area, it is acutally contains six streets, which are Chengdu Dao, Chongqing Dao, Changde Dao, Dali Dao, Munan Dao and Machang Dao. Because all old European buildings in this area, it is recognized as an "international architecture exposition".
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