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Urumchi tour to Xinjiang Regional Museum
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum is located on Xibei road,Urumqi city. It is the biggest and only one comprehensive museum in Xinjiang. The museum was built in 1958, and opened in 1959.
The museum has four main components:
Urumchi tour to Tartar Mosque
The magnificent Tartar Mosque, located at the south end of the Jiefang Road of Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Atonomous Region, was built by the local Tartar people in 1897 entirely from donations. The mosque is the center for peaceful Islamic activities in Urumqi City. Covering over 3,000 square meters (0.74 acre), the community worship hall alone is over 800 square meters and accomodates people by the thousands. As expected, the decor is elaborate with exquisite porches, carvings, and paintings all throughout. Tartar Mosque is one of the very few mosques open to visitors. All visitors, male and female, will need to gain approval to enter the mosque. The opportunity to visit this mosque is especially significant for female visitors as Islamic law states that women are not allowed. Some Mosque Rules for Visitors: 1. Do not shake hands or touch the heads of the clerics. 2. Keep your voice to a minimal level. 3. Do not wear short pants, short sleeved shirts, or sandals.
Urumchi tour to Southern Pastures
Southern Pastures is about 75 kilometers south of the city Urumqi. It is 2252 meters above sea level. The high snow mount, rolling hills, lush trees, flowers, gurgling springs, cattle and sheep, flocks make here charming scenery. In the mountains there are more than 10 valleys, which are good natural pastures.
In the Tang Dynasty Southern Pastures is a well-known hunting area. In the Qing Dynasty it is very famous ranch. After new China built, Southern Pastures became more important and has received many foreign heads.
The scenery heart of Southern Pastures scenic area is West Baiyang valley. This area has a rich Kazakhstan ethnic style and features.
Urumchi tour to Southern Mosque
The Southern Mosque is an important historic heritage site with 1,100 Moslems. This mosque stands in the downtown area of Urumchi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region.
It was built in 1919. Later, the mosque was been renovated under 3 circumstances.
Urumchi tour to Red Hill
In the capital city Urumqi, there is a famous hill named Red Hill. The Red Hill is the symbol of the city. This was very important place in ancient times. In the Qing dynasty, there was a post station for military use. There used to be temple named Jade Emperor Pavilion, but it was destroyed by war in 1929. It is a park now.

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