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Yellow Mountain, which is also called Huangshan, is one of the most popular attractions in China. It's located in the south of Anhui Province. The main scenic area covers 154 square kilometers. It was listed by the UNESCO as one of the world's cultural and natural heritage sites in 1990. 
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In ancient times Huangsshan was named Yi Mountain. Yi in old Chinese means “black”. The mountain is formed by granite which looks black and grey, hence the name. But in the year of 746 in the Tang Dynasty, it was renamed Huangshan in memory of Emperor Huangshan (the first Emperor in China’s history) who, according to the legend, made immortal pills at the top of Huangshan and eventually ascended to heaven. There are 72 main peaks, among which the Lotus Flower Peak is the highest peak with an elevation of 1864 meters while the Bright Summit and the Celestial Capital are the other major ones.
Mt. Huangshan is a world full of magic. Over 400 years ago, Xu Xiake, a famous traveler said “Having seen the five major mountains in China, one does not want to see any other mountains; having seen the all inclusive Mountain Huangshan, one does not wish to see any of the five mountains”. It's well-known for its four wonders. They are the oddly-shaped pine trees, fantastic rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs. 
Pine trees can be seen everywhere at the mountain. They grow in the cracks of rocks, as the saying goes that “No rock is not covered by pine, no pine is not grotesque”. The beauty of Huangshan's pines indeed beyond description. Their roots strike deeply into the depth of the rock and attach themselves to the rocks in stark nakedness. The Guest-greeting pine, the Phoenix pine and Exploring-sea pine and so many others stand in images that always make the tourists full of imagination. These pine trees are mostly found at 800-1750 meters above see level. They have gnarling branches and different posture, and each posture looks unbelievably enchanting. The Guest-greeting pine, which is over 1300 years old, is a symbol of Huangshan and an emblem of the hospitality of the Chinese nation.
Grotesque rocks make Huangshan a fascinating place. The vivid images and shapes are formed by nature's wonderful chiseling labor. These rocks are clustered together to make a superb picture that changes with every step of the tourists. Some of them look like people, objects, animals and birds. Such as the Flower of Dreaming Pen, a Monkey Gazing at the sea, and the Turtle Peak. The rocks of Huangshan are a voiceless poem. One rock after another will press its unique presence upon your eyes.
Mt. Huangshan is memorable for the clouds. It's unusual when seas of clouds cover the mountain peaks, leaving only the tops appearing like islands. The seas float, stay, spread or scatter, the pines and rocks against the restless, moving clouds create changing scenes of great natural beauty.
Yellow Mountain tour,Yellow Mountain trip.

Water from the spring is odorless and good to drink. It contains minerals which have curative effect for dermatitis arthritis and the disorder of the nervous system. The hot springs never run dry even during the most severe droughts, nor overflow their channels during excessive rains. The temperature of the water remains at 104 ℉ (40℃) all year around. Pools have been built for drinking, swimming, and medicinal baths.
Besides the four wonders, Huangshan's snow in winter also makes the mountain extremely beautiful. The snow covers the peaks and falls on the branches of the pines, so we see the white rocks, white pines, the whole mountain becomes a crystal world. The snow adds great charm to Huangshan, making it a place worth visiting during the winter too.
Once into Huangshan, you can hike along the steps to the top. You can also take the cable car. Three cable cars have been put into operation. The first extends from Cloud Valley Temple to the White Goose Ridge, the second is from the Pine Valley Nunnery to the Pine Forest Park, and the Third one from Ciguang Pavilion to the Jade Screen Hotel.


Xidi Village lies in the southeast of Yixian County. It extends 700 meters from east to west, 300 meters from north to south and it covers an area of 16 hectares, with 320 households and 1,100 villagers. here is a small river which flows through the whole village, with a hill in front of the village blocking its course, so it flows to the west instead of the east. That's how Xidi Village got its name.
Hongcun Village has always enjoyed the name “A village in the Chinese painting”. It is not only a tourist attraction, but also a natural studio, the famous Oscar-award film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were shot in this village, and it is a World Cultural Heritage Site as well.
Huangshan Ravishing Hot Spring Resort Area, covers an area of 0.43 square kilometers, invested over 0.6 billion RMB. The resort area includes Ravishing Hot Spring ,which is the most ecological and highest standard outdoor hot spring in east China, Ravishing Hot Spring Resort Hotel, super-star hotel, Huangshan Ramada Hotel managed by Ramada International-al Group, Huangshan Mysterious Street, a street with gay night life, Hui Huang Fu Di Restaurant, the biggest corporate champion of Hui style cui-sine in Huangshan, International Conference Center and Theater Center, the largest conference center and place of recreation, the Mountain House, Hui style architecture residence community, far below the city streets ,Huangshan Ravishing Hot Spring Resort Area is a world of health and resort with perfect facilities and rare hot spring resource.


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