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Yangtze River is 6,300 km that is the first in Asia and the world's third longest river. She from the roof of the world in the Tibetan Plateau, winding through the world's most beautiful landscapes, from the Three Gorges into the plain. Three Gorges is one of the cradles of ancient Chinese culture, west of Fengjie County of Chongqing Municipality, east of Yichang City, Hubei Province, total length of 193 km. From west to east, there are three major gorges Zone: Qutang, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge. Hence the name as the Three Gorges.


Yangtze River tour to Fengdu Ghost City
Ghost City of Fengdu ancient as the Second Capital of Sichuan as many as 27 famous temples were built in there. The place is known as Ghost City or the Hell where famous for the legendary land of the fate of human souls, set of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism folk culture in one of the folk culture and art treasures, known as China's The Divine Music Villages and the Human soul's Capital.
Xiling Gorge is originated from the Xiling Mountain of Yichang City, the west beginning is in the Badong Guan Ferry and the east ending is Yichang South Pass. The total length is about 120 km that is the longest Gorge of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, is the most beautiful natural scenery. In Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) well-known political Statesman Ouyang xiu who wrote Landscape of Xiling is best in the World famous through the ages.
Shennong River is originated from the Shennong peak, through Hubei, Badong County, north to south gorge walking through the mountains, to the mouth of the East empties into the Yangtze Gorge. Shennongxi is a typical valley stream cross-strait summit tight. Beam, steep cliffs towering, like a stream in the gorge sliced intramural collision, canal twists and turns, fast flowing streams in rapids, Long Beach, curved beach, shoal are more than sixty. Although the narrow waterways are clean and shallow rapid, highly stimulating and safe rafting. Shennong Riber’s landscape is through three different valleys - Cotton Bamboo Valley, Parrots Valley, Lung Cheong Dong Valley. One of the few open spaces, the most narrow at the sides are only a 7 meters. Valley in the boat, such as wearing heavy Lane secluded door. Block up to several hundred meters of a mountain Pimian pressure, almost out of sight the front waterway. In a known steep of Mianzhu Valley,
Dicui Gorge is the longest section of the Small Three Gorges, majestic gorge in both the momentum, there are exquisitely carved little scene. 20 km-long canyon look deep, beautiful. Gorge competing show peaks, cliffs. Water is waterfalls, visitors feel named Dicui(water drops) very appropriate.
Qutang is also known as Kui Gorge. The Length of of there is 8 km west Baidicheng Fengjie County, east of Wushan County’s Daxi town. In the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River area the Qutang Gorge is the shortest one, but the most majestic and steep. The flowing water of the Yangtze River, a valley will encounter the momentum into the Kuimen illustrious. Kuimen both sides of the mountains, steep cut, such as wall, where they stand, the surging river forced into a thin belt meandering in the valley being. This river is only one or two hundred meters for the narrowest point, but tens of meters; and cross the main peaks of up to 1000-1500 meters. The river gorge with deep water here, anxious and endless stretches of mountains, constitute a very impressive picture.
Out of the Longmen Gorge the next place where is the famous dangerous beach the Silver Beach. The mountain of there is backwater turn, rapid current, in fact, dangerous way on the voyage. The Coffin Gorge is pass the dangerous beach. The Coffin Gorge is about 10 km, where the two sides craggy rocks, forming a bundle of natural sculptures are all fun. There is a cliff on the east coast there is a shinning dragon on the sparkling rock and dragon head has come into a hole; the other side of the mountain with a cave. There is a hole blocked yellow boulders. Like trying to sail out of its hole in the Tigers, the West Bank under the strings of a cliff stalactites hung upside down, the look like the two horses, their heads has been into the mountains, but the tail and hind legs still in the mountain. So people give their name them into the dragon, tiger out, Horse back to the mountain. Further east in the river four or five meters away from the surface of the water crevice in the cliffs there is a black Lived, commonly known as Iron Coffins that the resulting one. According to test the Iron Coffin is the Warring States period, it is not made from iron, only because of their similarity in black of color. Cliff of Coffins now is the best preserved group in Wuxi County, 25 km northeast of Jingzhou Dam, where there are 24 black coffins.
Wu Gorge is also known as Great Gorge and it's famous for its beauty. The Gorge area throughout the towering peaks, rugged rock formations, cliffs screen out. The Three Gorges section of the most impressive, just like a gallery of twists and turns as beautiful as love letters full of poetic meaning. Wuxia Gorge is long and deep valley, twists and turns, rolling peaks towering, dense smog filled, and the scenery is extremely quiet, such as a beautiful gallery.
The world's largest water conservancy project :
The Three Gorges is a comprehensive large-scale integrated projects. Subject of Three Gorges Project (including diversion) the amount of the total project, including building construction: building foundation excavation 102.83 million cubic meters of earth and stone, based on 27.94 million cubic meters of concrete, 31,980,000 cubic meters of earth filling, installation of 256,500 tons of metal structures, station 26 sets of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, 18.2 million kilowatts. In addition to the.....


The guest book Three Gorges luxury cruise when the fare paid has been included in the itinerary of the three landing sites listed, although there are a lot of the Three Gorges luxury cruise, but due to time and distance constraints, each Boat landings sites often are not very different, generally Fengdu Ghost City, Shennong Stream or Small Three Gorges (select one of two), the Dam of these three Gorges, as the Three Gorges ---- Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge ---- enjoy viewing were all on deck. If you would like more information about the Three Gorges scenic spots, where you can query the destination guide

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