Yangtze River Cruise

  Yangtze River Cruise  
Travel around China
- starting from Beijing
-- Beijing, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai Tours  (10-days)
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If you enter China from Beijing or Shanghai and have a plan to visit the Three Gorges,we hightly recommend the route  below. You can chouse route according to your time schedule.
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  Travel around China  
Travel around China
- starting from Shanghai
- Shanghai, Yangtze River and Beijing Tours   (9-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Yangtze River Cruise, Beijing Tour           (12-days)
- Shanghai to Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Xian, Guilin Tours       (17-days)
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- Shanghai to Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin and Hong Kong    (14-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Chengdu, Yangzte River Cruise and Beijing Tour             (18-days)


Yangtze River Shore Excursion

The guest book Three Gorges luxury cruise when the fare paid has been included in the itinerary of the three landing sites listed, although there are a lot of the Three Gorges luxury cruise, but due to time and distance constraints, each Boat landings sites often are not very different, generally Fengdu Ghost City, Shennong Stream or Small Three Gorges (select one of two), the Dam of these three Gorges, as the Three Gorges ---- Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge ---- enjoy viewing were all on deck. If you would like more information about the Three Gorges scenic spots, where you can query the destination guide.

yangtze river cruise
 Yangtze River cruise ship schedule for 2015

Fengdu Ghost City

Ghost City of Fengdu ancient as the Second Capital of Sichuan as many as 27 famous temples were built in there. The place is known as Ghost City or the Hell where famous for the legendary land of the fate of human souls, set of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism folk culture in one of the folk culture and art treasures, known as China's The Divine Music Villages and the Human soul’s Capital.
Fengdu Ghost City famous scenic forest green, beautiful buildings, glow of sunset, stunning scenery, temples, temple statues The flowers, pavilions on the mountain standing; Celebrity and scholars poems inscriptions. The main attractions are the country's largest folk culture Ghost States Shrine dynamic cultural landscape, Netherworld were simulated human statue group litigation, courts, prisons, torture, the idea of strange, God State realistic. Shan Shuang Gui Mountain National Forest Park, adjacent to the other famous Mountain.
Ghost City is an imitation Real World judicial system, creating a hierarchical, financial arrest, detention, trial, sentencing, correctional function as a furnace, Netherworld. Punish those who commit crimes during his lifetime. Although Hades judge is the legend only false but the punishing evil and promote good function of the Social Education and human praiseworthy.||
The Ghost City’s Temple Fair usually happens March lunar. So there are so many people come to travel with enjoying for folk customs, parade that surprising and humorous, so that People are dizzying and breathtaking.
The famous Fengdu Ghost City is formerly known as Flat Mountains, a poem by Su Shi(Very famous poet in China’s history) who wrote as Gu Ping is the world famous. The elevation of the mountain is 287.3 m above sea level, covering an area of 0.45 square kilometers.
yangtze river cruise ,Fengdu Ghost City,


Fengdu Ghost City,yangtze river cruise

After visiting the famous Ghosts City of the Mountain, people can step on antique architectural iron chain hanging bridge between two spectacular mountains. Crossing the bordering Bridge of the World and afterlife World, Visitors come into ‘the Real World’. The mountain is 401 m high, an area of about 1 square km. It is beautiful, lush green trees, water gurgling, winding. There are Confucius Temple, Deer Temple, Su Gong Temple, Jade Spring and other Oriental pavilion.
The original name of the county Fengdu is Mingshan Town which is located in the central of the county, north shore of the Yangtze River and mountains, South of the SHuangguishan Mountain, latitude 29 ° 53 ` and longitude 107 ° 42`, 160 meters above sea level.
The ancient city of Fengdu is just a water street.
After liberation(1949), the multi-storey construction were built year by year, in addition to the various governmental offices, shops, banks, primary and secondary school, brewery, canning factory and other buildings, usually of reinforced concrete structures and some inlaid tile facade. Street.

Road to the cement pavement, street housing in blocks strong settlement, the city area of 0,92 square kilometers, the shape of the city looks like a sharp knife on the river bank. Northwest city has bus station from there to the downtown and neighboring counties such as 52 kilometers west to Fuling, 172 kilometers to Chongqing, 476 kilometers east of Yichang, 1102 km to Wuhan, day and night can take boat to some places. Mingshan Town has a population of 20,000 for the county the political, economic, cultural and transportation center. Fengdu Ghost City,yangtze river cruise
Shennong River
Shennong River is originated from the Shennong peak, through Hubei, Badong County, north to south gorge walking through the mountains, to the mouth of the East empties into the Yangtze Gorge. Shennongxi is a typical valley stream cross-strait summit tight. Beam, steep cliffs towering, like a stream in the gorge sliced intramural collision, canal twists and turns, fast flowing streams in rapids, Long Beach, curved beach, shoal are more than sixty. Although the narrow waterways are clean and shallow rapid, highly stimulating and safe rafting. Shennong Riber’s landscape is through three different valleys - Cotton Bamboo Valley, Parrots Valley, Lung Cheong Dong Valley. One of the few open spaces, the most narrow at the sides are only a 7 meters. Valley in the boat, such as wearing heavy Lane secluded door. 
yangtze river cruise,Shennong River Block up to several hundred meters of a mountain Pimian pressure, almost out of sight the front waterway.
In a known steep of Mianzhu Valley, it is difficult to climb the cliffs around the cave, a huge stalactite volley hung upside down, a large gap of narrow river, 4 km waterway have 30 places on the size of shoals. Boat drift, depends on the shipmen’s skill, it is the heartbeat, but it is out danger.
Parrot Gap Gap is the view most beautiful one of the three, such as the Ying Luo cross hanging vegetation, evergreen, permeability drops from the rock, waterfalls, springs, wonders. There is a canyon can be seen in full bloom Flowers for all of seasons, hence the name Beach of Flowers; there is a Nine Springs where springs gush stream multiple springs, distinguish, turbidity, mixing three colors, as a result of three-color spring.
Lung Cheong is the last valley of canyon gorge, the Gorge confrontation are less than twenty meters wide, the two sides rise steeply in the water,continuously, up to five thousand meter roundabout. Cultural landscape can be seen along the way such as Rock Group and the ancient plank road coffin. Gap East Coast from the water 150 meters high cliffs, there are many small caves, the different shades of rock placed coffins that are visible. Shennong River,yangtze river cruise.
Shennongxi is so called no pollution of the natural flow, a clearing in the bottom, in addition to the three-color spring, the almost see a ray of dark waters. There are colored stones around the bed of the stream as the bright flower.
After impoundment of the reservoir, tourists can visit Shennongxi to switch to large-scale environmental cruise, cruise in the water before this environmentally friendly is not enter Shennongxi, because Shennongxi the canyon the rising water is not due to being weakened canyon, the two sides.
yangtze river cruise,Shennong River

Fifty or sixty meter distance, however, still towering peaks, walk through the canyons, exposing a bay suddenly left the valley, suddenly to turn right out of a new world.
Shennongxi today is a green world, water is dark green, the mountains are green, but the green is touchable. This place has become a canyon deep in the New Three Gorges, green shade trees, clear reflection of the picturesque
Tourist destination.

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Yangtze River cruise ship schedule for 2015
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