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  Yangtze River Cruise  
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If you enter China from Beijing or Shanghai and have a plan to visit the Three Gorges,we hightly recommend the route  below. You can chouse route according to your time schedule.
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  Travel around China  
Travel around China
- starting from Shanghai
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Attractions along
the Yantze River   [ 2 ]

Wushan Mountain’s Small Three Gorges is Daning River. The Daning River is from the county of Pingli in Shaanxi Province. The flow through the mountains and the valleys, clean water rivers all the way to mixed each other, through Wuxi River. Wushan had the steep cliffs along the river. Wu Gorge goes into from the west of the vast Yangtze River. Daning River is mysterious and long-term in quiet. But in recent years, the development of tourism the Daning River appears.

Yantze River

Some people praise it as not the Three Gorges but Worth to the Three Gorges, God must amazing for the view of the River. Daning River Small Three Gorges is the common name of Longmen Gorge, Iron Coffins and Dicui Gorge. It is the essence of the Daning River’s scenery. South from the Small Three Gorges in Wushan County, North Tai Chang town, is about 60 km. Small Three Gorges of Hubei and Sichuan in ancient times by the to be one of the military strategic point.
Longmen Gorge is only about 3 km long, Gap between two mountains, cliffs such as cut, situation is very advantageous, so some people say that it is not Heavenly Gate but worth to Heavenly Gate .
Visit of the Small Three Gorges, usually from the ferry of the Daning River in Wushan county (diesel engine boat can involve 20 tourists), against the current and into the Longmen Gorge, the Pa Fog Gorge to Dicui Valley, then turn back.
Visitors on the ship can enjoy the towering peaks and ridges of cross-strait rocks, and everywhere there are fantastic springs, waterfalls, monkeys come from the green hillside. Boat stops at the shallows, the walker walk to the beach for picking a few Three Gorges’ stone. In some high cliff, visitors can see the cave in the cliff, hanging ancient coffins magnificent; the shore of the wall, people can also see the remains of ancient plank road.

Qutang Gorge

Qutang is also known as Kui Gorge. The Length of of there is 8 km west Baidicheng Fengjie County, east of Wushan County’s Daxi town. In the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River area the Qutang Gorge is the shortest one, but the most majestic and steep. The flowing water of the Yangtze River, a valley will encounter the momentum into the Kuimen illustrious. Kuimen both sides of the mountains, steep cut, such as wall, where they stand, the surging river forced into a thin belt meandering in the valley being. This river is only one or two hundred meters for the narrowest point, but tens of meters; and cross the main peaks of up to 1000-1500 meters. The river gorge with deep water here, anxious and endless stretches of mountains, constitute a very impressive picture.

yangtze river cruise

West entrance of Qutang is the two sides rise steeply cliff, the highest cliff of several hundred meters and less than hundred meters wide, just like a big gate with the name of Kuimen, known as Kuimen Gate is the most magnificent one.  On the left of a mountain called Red Armor, the right of mountain called the White Salt, no matter what the weather is, there is always a layer of migrating out of the Silver overtly or covertly. This one provision of the Yangtze River, the mighty East diarrhea, the two sides as sliced ax cliffs, high mountains and narrow gorge, look up at blue sky, Sky line, Gap in the depth of current is swift, the river narrowest point less than fifty meters, rough, so it is so shocked and scary.
Qutangxia has a lot of famous places and relics. There are Fengjie ancient city and Eight Diagrams Battlefield and Fish Tower in the upstream of the river of Qutang Gorge. There are also lot of cultural treasures in the north shore of that is the Baidi City, thrilling stricken of the ancient plank road, the mysterious gorge of Bellows. There are a lot of the carvings on the top stone of south shore. As for the spring there are Quiet Hole Spring and Phoenix Spring and so on. There is an abnormal odd-shaped peak of Bellows Gorge in the south bank not far from downstream. There is a piece of queer looking peak, known as Rhino looks Moon that is vividly. 

Dicui Gorge

Dicui Gorge is the longest section of the Small Three Gorges, majestic gorge in both the momentum, there are exquisitely carved little scene. 20 km-long canyon look deep, beautiful. Gorge competing show peaks, cliffs. Water is waterfalls, visitors feel named Dicui(water drops) very appropriate.

The main landscapes are Waterfall, Cliff Buddha, Rain of Heavenly Spring. The beauty of the Small Three Gorges Dicui Gorge in most fully embodied. That Red Cliff Ferris is a few hundred meters up to the cliff, such as sliced general, straight into the sky, in the sunlight, glittering, really worthy of the name of the Red Cliff.
Daning River’s Small Three Gorges is beautiful peaks and quiet, rapids, stone beauty of its characteristics. Living in the city's tourists will feel strange, like travel the world in the myth. On May 8, 2007, Chongqing Wushan Small Three Gorges - approved by the National Tourism Administration as the state 5A class tourist attractions.

 yangtze river cruise
Iron Coffin Gorge
Iron Coffin Gorge, yangtze river cruise

  Out of the Longmen Gorge the next place where is the famous dangerous beach the Silver Beach. The mountain of there is backwater turn, rapid current, in fact, dangerous way on the voyage. The Coffin Gorge is pass the dangerous beach. The Coffin Gorge is about 10 km, where the two sides craggy rocks, forming a bundle of natural sculptures are all fun. There is a cliff on the east coast there is a shinning dragon on the sparkling rock and dragon head has come into a hole; the other side of the mountain with a cave. There is a hole blocked yellow boulders. Like trying to sail out of its hole in the Tigers, the West Bank under the strings of a cliff stalactites hung upside down, the look like the two horses, their heads has been into the mountains, but the tail and hind legs still in the mountain.

 So people give their name them into the dragon, tiger out, Horse back to the mountain. Further east in the river four or five meters away from the surface of the water crevice in the cliffs there is a black Lived,commonly known as Iron Coffins that the resulting one. According to test the Iron Coffin is the Warring States period, it is not made from iron, only because of their similarity in black of color. Cliff of Coffins now is the best preserved group in Wuxi County, 25 km northeast of Jingzhou Dam, where there are 24 black coffins.  yangtze river cruise
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