Yangtze River Cruise

  Yangtze River Cruise  
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-- Beijing, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai Tours  (10-days)
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If you enter China from Beijing or Shanghai and have a plan to visit the Three Gorges,we hightly recommend the route  below. You can chouse route according to your time schedule.
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  Travel around China  
Travel around China
- starting from Shanghai
- Shanghai, Yangtze River and Beijing Tours   (9-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Yangtze River Cruise, Beijing Tour           (12-days)
- Shanghai to Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Xian, Guilin Tours       (17-days)
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- Shanghai to Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin and Hong Kong    (14-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Chengdu, Yangzte River Cruise and Beijing Tour             (18-days)


Attractions along
the Yantze River [3]

Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge is also known as Great Gorge and it’s famous for its beauty. The Gorge area throughout the towering peaks, rugged rock formations, cliffs screen out. The Three Gorges section of the most impressive, just like a gallery of twists and turns as beautiful as love letters full of poetic meaning. Wuxia Gorge is long and deep valley, twists and turns, rolling peaks towering, dense smog filled, and the scenery is extremely quiet, such as a beautiful gallery. The ship had entered the second section from Wushan County of the Three Gorges that is Wu Gorge. Wu Gorge is length of 42 km, mountain as high as into the cloud. Padong is a section of 22 km. The west side is the Yuxi River and east to Guandu Town. In the ancient there is also known as Pa Gap. yangtze river cruise
Wu Gorge has many historical sites, the famous twelve peaks of Wu Gorge, the Wu Gorge is located in the north and south, respectively, on both sides of the Wu Gorge is the most famous scenic spots. They are on the sky, stand like a wall a thousand yards, under the provisional eventuality, river bottom line; Gap in the clouds roll back and forth light, floating wind around and unpredictable, as they add a few graceful charm; and has spread all the beautiful myths and legends but add to the exotic and romantic poetry.
Wu Gorge is narrow in the deep valley, so the sunshine time is short and Valley in the wet steam is never dispersed, easily into the cloud caused by fog, clouds mixed and some may go long Pegasus and some rubbing to squirm and some cliff hanging like a waterfall. Sometimes and clustered into rolling clouds yarn, in the sun so that is the formation of Guang Wu Gorge, which the ancient poet wrote that as Sailed the seven seas make life difficult for the water Gorges cloud quatrains through the ages.
After the Three Gorges reservoir reaches 175 meters, the Wu Gorge water level is only increased by 80 meters deep and beautiful canyon scenery of no major impact, on the contrary there are fir soil River, River of Goddess and so more deeply canyon landscape can be developed, to visit more strange circumstances and the Wu Gorge in Wild.
Xiling Gorge
Xiling Gorge is originated from the Xiling Mountain of Yichang City, the west beginning is in the Badong Guan Ferry and the east ending is Yichang South Pass. The total length is about 120 km that is the longest Gorge of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, is the most beautiful natural scenery. In Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) well-known political Statesman Ouyang xiu who wrote Landscape of Xiling is best in the World famous through the ages.
yangtze river cruise
Xiling Gorge is divided into four parts: Xiangxi wide valley, the upper Xiling Gorge, and Xiling Gorge section of the Temple valley south gully. Xiangxi wide valley about 45 km of which, the valley has Bingshu sword Gap, the Temple valley is about 33 km south gully, valley have Dengyingxia, Cattle Gap and other famous places. The inside of the Valley is bright and beautiful, magnificent, towering peaks and ridges cross, Jiajiang rise steeply, and peaks of the cliff, turned, jagged rocks, waterfalls down to practice, dark green vine trees, Shade-day blocks out the sun.
In the Yichang section of Xiling Gorge, west from Zigui Xiangxi, east to the South Jin Pass Yichang, the length of 76 km, where the mountain is beautiful and the Gap in Gap, Gap and Gap is connected, in particular known as Four of Xiling Gorges the art of war Gap sword, Horse Lung and Cattle liver Gap, Mountain Ridge, Dengying Gap more exotic scenery all well known.
The world's largest water conservancy project:
The Three Gorges is a comprehensive large-scale integrated projects. Subject of Three Gorges Project (including diversion) the amount of the total project, including building construction: building foundation excavation 102.83 million cubic meters of earth and stone, based on 27.94 million cubic meters of concrete, 31,980,000 cubic meters of earth filling, installation of 256,500 tons of metal structures, station 26 sets of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, 18.2 million kilowatts. In addition to the amount of earth filling, the other indicators are all the 1st in the world.
The Three Gorges Dam is area of 15.28 square kilometers total where divided into the construction area and the total construction area of 546,000 square kilometers of office-based living area. Office and living areas built a four-star hotel that is the Three Gorges Project Hotel, Gallery Three Gorges Project, the Three Gorges Project Construction Command Center, green parks and modern living area and so on. The Three Gorges Dam will become the next national forest park, the modern engineering Project and the natural ecology of organic integration will be presented in front of you.
The Three Gorges Project Exhibition Center
yangtze river

Three Gorges Project Exhibition Center was completed and opened on October 1, 1992 by Vice-Premier Zou Jiahua was wrote the name of the Center, with a total area of 6600 square meters, divided into the Three Gorges Project construction and environmental protection, immigration, Science and technology development, power production, painting, photography exhibits. To international standard exhibition hall layout, which consists of cinema, VIP lounge and so on. Hall of the Exhibition Center has the longest current panorama Inkjet Figure Three Gorges Grand.
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